Close hunting, Chongqing Public Library held digital reading promotion activities

On November 12th, the Chongqing Daily reported that from the Chongqing Library, in order to enrich the citizens’ amateur life, the Chongqing Library jointly held "Yucheng E Station reading – Babaiqi War Epidemic" People’s heart digital reading promotion activities, strengthen digital services in line, send Shanghai quantities to digital reading resources, and enrich the citizens’ […]

Fund Helping Industry Upgrade 300 million Series Health Industry Investment Fund

[] On November 11th, Seli Medical and Gaosheng Huijin (Shenzhen) Investment Co. The fund is expected to have a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The first issue raised hundreds of millions of RMB and jointly launched the establishment of industrial investment funds. Special funds will invest mainly around foreign diagnosis, medical consumables wisdom supply […]

Guangxi Tunxi: After the small bamboo manda industry has not sent it,

In the Nandu Town, Nandu Town, Guangxi City, Zhuxi, Zhu Mang, a hand-craving technique, and workers are making bamboo mangbu products. Tunxi Zhu Mang woven has a long history and is a local characteristic traditional industry. The production process of Tunxi Bamboo Malamine is complex, including a multi-channel procedure such as bamboo, broken, woven finished […]

Beijing Fengtai: het uitvoeren van de uitgebreide rectificatie van het inbraken van nep-liquor

Onlangs heeft Beijing Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau gezamenlijk de alomvattende rectificatie van inbreuk op valse drank, verdere versterking van de bescherming van bekende merken van de alcoholische vloeistof. Op 23 april, de wetshandhavingsambtenaar van het Imperial Road Supervision Bureau of Fengtai District, en het personeel van het Fengtai Public Security Bureau en "Wuliangye", "Jiannan […]

Dragon Boat Festival is open tomorrow, these travel information know in advance!

  Since tomorrow, 2021 Dragon Boat Festival will be officially opened. As a last small holiday in the first half of this year, this holiday is expected to travel to travel. Which destinations are the most popular? How to prevent and control during the domestic epidemic situation? How is the weather during the small holiday? Sneakacheose […]

Help China’s Ice and Snow Pang Qingjian Youth International Development Plan

CCTV-nieuws: op 19 juni 2021, "Pang Qingjian Youth International Development Plan" ("PT-plan") werd uitgebracht in het kunstcentrum van Pang Qingjian Ice. Gao Yunchao, plaatsvervangend secretaris-generaal van de Peking Olympic City Development Promotion Association, Norwegian Embassy Noorwegen Creation Agency, Commercial Counselor, en het Multi-Country Station, de gasten, de gasten van de Beijing en de Dance World […]

High standard farmland construction rapid advancement ("14th Five-Year Plan", we started to start)

  Spring day, summer time. In Jiangxi, the field of field is busy, the farmland construction is hot. "With high standard farmland, dry energy, water sailor, machinery road to open to Tianjia, all the whole process is used up the agricultural machinery, saves money." Jiangxi Liuguan County Panxi Township Wuxing Village plant food big households Dijin […]