For a moment,The weapon officer thought he would become the savior,Use the Phalanx’s rate of fire to deal with these drones that are as slow as ducks,Not a problem at all……However, a huge shock completely shattered his wish,Three consecutive bombs hit directly,First turn the ship island into a crumbling torch,It also completely kills the possible counterattack in the cradle。

Under the precise control of the mastermind,Other drones follow10Meter spacing,From bow to stern,Cast250High explosive bomb,Ignite the entire aircraft carrier,In the continuous explosion,Nearly one hundred kilogramsPBXN-103The explosive power of aluminum explosives,The instantaneous high temperature melted the firm hull steel plate of the aircraft carrier into a shocking hole。 The powerful impact caused the hull of tens […]

They used a starship to travel through space to the winged falcon continent,This is the seat of the Orangutan Family,The orangutan is a kind of beast of birds,Same as the Jinpeng family,Are all enemies of the human race。

There are not many immortal cultivators on the Wing Falcon continent,Even some of those caught are suffering in the artifact space,The Gorilla Falcon family will not release the Terran Cultivators。 Lei Tianzi is not too familiar with the strong monsters,He took Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan because they were the best,Has initially mastered Flash Cloud’s […]

After Lei Tianzi learned the news,Immediately mobilize an army from Kowloon City in the ice and snow continent。

In view of what happened in the tomb of the king,Emperor Lei sent his wife Xu Na as the commander-in-chief,He is in a uniform,Said the heroic Xu Na:“In the future, it is likely to fight against creatures in the demon territory,Best practice now,Lest we increase our casualties in the future,I will not participate in the […]

This divine bow attacked the planet Golden,That demon cultivator shot the divine bow with an arrow in the cheek of Emperor Lei,Is a superb magic weapon,The name is“Big Thor Bow”,Powerful,Is a long-range weapon。

In a valley with a radius of only a dozen miles,Lei Tianzi and others finally saw the indigenous people in the secret realm,That is a small village with less than 10,000 people,The reason why it is called a small village,Also because there is no wall,Only the fences that prevent the beasts from hitting the houses,The […]

open the door,Xiaohang。

“We are playing cards next door,let’s play together。”Xiaohang said enthusiastically,“Chen Li is here。” Yao Yun wants to sleep,I am bored by myself,Then agreed。 Come next door,Xiaohang said to fight to upgrade,Lost to the face sticker。 Play this game,I’m a master。 In college,He Niu Jianfeng and a few of them,Often play this at night。 Although it’s […]

Liang Jingkang blushed a little,Tao:“accident,It was an accident just now。”</P>

</P> Sheena covers her face,This teammate is too embarrassed,Can’t help but urge:“Hurry up,Don’t grind and waste time。”</P> </P> Was choked by my captain,Liang Jingkang only feels bitter,But dare not say anything to refute。</P> </P> But made up his mind,Be sure to perform well in a while,Get a good grade,Let some people take him seriously。</P> </P> […]

There is a love“Sun baby”Ms. Sun,She posted a picture of her child on a social networking site,I received a message from a stranger:Your daughter reads×××Kindergarten,Very good kindergarten。iPhoneofLive PhotoFeatures,Leaked Ms. Sun’s privacy。

Xiaoli, a college girl somewhere,Often in the circle of friends andQQSelfie from space,From a certain day,Suddenly, strange netizens frequently add her as friends,She found the reason——My photo was posted on a dating site…… Li Lan shivered after hearing this,“I think of you saying that《Door lock》That movie,Single female living alone played by Kong Xiaozhen,After a deep […]

Just imagine,If they didn’t have a relationship,How could you touch the other’s hand,Let the other person touch his face?

I exit the screen,Press the dial key。 I can’t help but yell at her。 This bitch,It’s all about cheating,Still trying to make me accept。 Wu Dalang saw Pan Jinlian and Ximenqing lying on a bed,I know I rushed up。 In the eyes of Zhou Rui,Am I not as good as Wu Dalang?? Is it in […]

right now,It’s his turn, Yan Ruyu……

Does he want to die? Definitely don’t want to die! He worked hard for five years,Seeing to be Juren,Open up the Palace of Literature,Step into eight products,Then embark on a new life,It’s weird he wants to die。 “I don’t have‘Death’,even if‘Live to death’Can really break the game,I can’t break it。”Yan Ruyu shook his head,One can’t […]

“I can find him。”I said for sure。

Suddenly,Yao Yun and the black woman looked at me in surprise。 ———— Chapter Forty One track “any solution?”Yao Yun asked。 I ignored her,But staring straight at the black woman,“Mrs. Dong,You make a call,Let him come back,When he leaves,We find a way to keep up。” The black woman’s eyes dangled。 She is struggling intensely inside。 perhaps,She […]