A middle-aged man who is doing is open,One hand holds the ears,Rotate,At the same time,“They come!” This sentence,Those who originally lazy and scattered a momentary spirit,Fast action,Set to middle age。 Middle-aged approximation of 356 years old,Top a big head,The brain spoon of the bald head is a hoe。 If the person in the Jinling circle […]

Summer,Rumble,狠 击 in her waist,Cold drink,“Give me break!”

At the moment,Surrounding air faint rooms in distortion,It seems to be wrapped in a layer of turbulence,Like a mountain peak collided on the woman。 Wow。 In the middle of the way,Women’s big mouth vomiting blood,She only feels blood in the body,Pentaded displacement,The whole body seems to be broken.。 run! This is the only thought of […]

The sense wind on the face of the old man disappeared,Converting is a mixed complex。

“Thinking,Among them,Can be summarized as eight words,Tree big strike,Bad single。” The old man’s love is looking at Liu Qingqing,“There is a thing of the world that shocks the world.,Is our Li family promoted,At that time, Li Jia, can be said that it is very prosperous.,Be paid,Eight parties,Too much……In fact,This is a surface phenomenon,It will make […]

From Lin Taoren’s words,Li Ming also learned about this Taoist priest’s experience。

Lin Daoshi,Born in a small mountain village,The mountain village was slaughtered by monsters when he was young,I was saved by a monk。 Since then,Lin Daoshi followed his master and brother in practice,And his line,But not for longevity。 original,His disciple,Almost all tribesmen、Tribe、Orphans killed by zombies and other massacres。 Since childhood,To monsters、Has a deep hatred of zombies […]

Those who have joined early in the live broadcast,Looking at the speed of the number of people in Xuan brother,Suddenly dumb,I thought this kind of pumping is very large.,who knows,Sirring ten times from two hundred!

NS80Chapter 财气 气 Shen Xuan listened to the discussion,I also ran to see the quantity of the fan group.,Already two thousand to two thousand five hundred! Short a few minutes,More than 500 people,It’s too horrible! “Bros,You are too enthusiastic.!” Shen Xuan is also a bit helpless,His intention is a little benefit to the water friends.,Thinking […]

Duan Lan wants to refuse,Zhu Minglang said:“The great teaching is also sincere,Otherwise, Lin Kuang’s business,He will always feel guilty,Teacher Duan Lan doesn’t want to make it difficult to do the teaching。”

Duan Lan hesitated for a while,Finally accepted。 “Duan Lan,These days you are running around for the affairs of Lichuan College,Maybe you haven’t strolled around the sights of our Supreme Court,I will walk with you?”Han Wan showed friendship,Take the initiative to take Duan Lan around。 “OK。”Duan Lan rarely smiled。 Han Wan and Duan Lan left the […]

“Oh,Means nothing。”Xianban is long and smile。

“See the Lord of the Temple of the Temple,See the elders,See the seniors!”Just at this time, Lin Feng gave a respectful gift.,His face is pale,Sweat,Both feet are shaking,The corner of the mouth is black.。 “Unusual!” The figure of the emperor walked up with the face.:“Lin Feng,Today, let you come for a thing。” “Palace,whats the matter?”Lin […]

This sentence is fried in the lungs of Luoqian Stone.,Don’t worry。

“What do you say??”His face,Face anger,“There is a kind of you talk more!” “You see you。”Summer surprised,There is more exaggeration to have more expressions on the face.,“I want to listen to it a few times.,I can’t call it.。” Do not wait for each other,Accelerate,“Bamboo?How are you stunned?,Is it before you have been by your big […]

boom。The luxury car is galloped again.,Liu Qingqing presses the summary of the summer,Quickly turn to the right way。

NS435chapter Have a back hand Villa living room。 Although only two people,But the atmosphere is downs to the extreme。 The ghost manager Zhang San has standed up.,Grim,“Season lady,Summer really said,Will it return there after an hour??” “Yes,He said。”The haze in the red eye is like a dark cloud.,Breaking bones and killing,“I want him to die.!” […]

Father brow wrinkle,Eye stares on summer,Summer is unfarent with him。

for a long time,The old man slowly opened。 But what he said is intriguing,Make people can’t touch the mind。 “Ah,I was also a twelve years when I was young.,Even over the battlefield to kill the enemy,Later response policy,Then do business,He smashed a base industry。” The old man did not reprimakers in summer.,Instead, I said my […]