Just because I didn’t listen to the words of Emperor Lei this time,He lost the last underpants,I must rely on begging for food in the future,No one will pity a total loser。

Tianzi Lei didn’t ask Si Nansui and the others how much money,for him,Money is really just a number,but,Xie Yuxian laughed like a pie in the sky,I bought a lot of clothes for Lei Tianzi naively。
She didn’t know,Tianzi Lei hasn’t bought clothes for a long time,The best armor has a feature,That is to be able to follow the master’s will,Change as you wish,Maybe a suit,Maybe a robe,Even the color can change。
Seeing Xie Yuxian so happy,Emperor Lei couldn’t bear to refuse immediately,Very painful wearing a mortal suit,But I’m not strong,Far less comfortable than the best armor。
The meeting in Los Angeles is over long ago,The organizer also gave each participant a gift,Xie Yuxian called,Send them to Kangyu Hospital,Indicate that Dr. Xie Yuxian accepts personally。
Emperor Lei will never get involved with this kind of thing,He and Xie Yuxian returned to China by plane,Xiaolan and others control the aircraft,I went back in less than half an hour。
Lei Tianzi realized the pain of being with mortals,We must consider the feelings of mortals in everything,To hide abilities everywhere,To be a god,It’s a rare cultivator since ancient times。
Come back and continue the consultation,After getting free,Xie Yuxian said suddenly:“Dr. Ray,I made so much money in America,Only found out after coming back,Can’t buy a house in the city center,Too little money。”
“Should be enough?It depends on the size of the house。”Emperor Lei no longer cares about current affairs,Also know the approximate house price,If you buy one hundred square meters,,It won’t be too much difference if you buy about 30 square meters。
Qiao Huiru said from the side:“Teacher Xie,I’m naked with you,Give you a house,I’ll give you the key tomorrow。”
Xie Yuxian doesn’t believe Qiao Huiru’s words,Although Qiao Huiru withdrew from the last exchange meeting,The shadow left to Xie Yuxian still exists,She snorted,I stopped paying attention to Qiao Huiru。
Turn around,Qiao Huiru gave the key to a garden villa to Xie Yuxian,Let her take a look after get off work。
Xie Yuxian only believed,What Qiao Huiru said is true,Can’t help asking:“This was bought with your money?”
“Yes!Dr. Lei finds someone to punch,I invested part of the capital,Won five times,This is the result of Teacher Xie encouraging Dr. Lei,We can’t persuade,Dr. Lei even went to gamble on boxing。”
Qiao Huiru speaks calmly,Actually taunting Emperor Lei,All so mature,Even playing kids games,Is this interesting?
Xie Yuxian’s IQ,I can’t hear the sarcasm at all,Asked in surprise:“How much do you bet?”
“300 million dollars。”Qiao Huiru said vaguely。