Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six Wrestling
Lei Tianzi threw out a virtual space,Said:“Everyone worked hard,I want to buy a batch of iron beasts,The price depends on you。”
Several immortals are a little timid,Although the price depends on them,Seeing Liu Tang’s cultivation is unfathomable,I dare not take it seriously,Said:“Only ten million god crystals and an iron beast are enough,How much do adults need?”
“10,000 heads!Do you have so many?”
Lei Tianzi needs too much quantity,Several cultivators said with a wry smile:“We have been here for more than three years,Just caught 10,000 iron beasts,Give it all to adults!”
Emperor Lei doesn’t take advantage of others,Pay as much as possible,The price of 10 million iron beasts is very reasonable,Ten thousand iron beasts are one hundred billion crystals,The huge number of Thunder Team needs these iron beasts to refine materials。
Lei Tianzi only needs to put the magic weapon space containing the iron beast in one place,Then send out coordinate jade slips to Qiao Huiru,Qiao Huiru will send someone to take it away,Don’t need them to send back to Thunder Team。
Say goodbye to a few immortals,Lei Tianzi and Liu Tang continue to explore the depths of the meteorite,The cultivators warned:“grown ups,There seem to be a few strong people in front,Like looking for something。”
“Thanks a lot!”Emperor Lei is more polite to them,These people must be based on the kindness of the couple,This reminds them。
After searching for a month,I don’t know how many meteorites I found,No trace of space bug,this day,Seven infantry masters appeared before。
These people are standing in the stars,muddy(shēn)Exuding iron and blood,Obviously they are not good people,Said one of the cultivators wearing a hat with a wide brim:“Kid,come here。”
“Why?”Tianzi Lei replied without a good voice。
“There is a space with a special landform in front,You go in and have a look。”
This is the lamb for Lei Tianzi to explore the way。
“Humph。”Lei Tianzi offered to pick Xinghe,Said:“Old rules,Win or lose,Who loses, who goes to find the way。”
“I’ll make a sign with you。”A cultivator in red armor jumped out。
Pick the galaxy,The tip of the gun spouted out more than 30 meters of Huamang,Pierced the throat of this immortal cultivator,Too fast,The deceased died before he was ready。
“Despicable brat,You attack。”The remaining six immortal cultivators suddenly clamored。
Liu Tang carrying a divine bow,Shouted loudly:“Go find the way,Otherwise I will kill one arrow(shè)Dead you guys。”Swish and swish a few arrows from the immortal cultivator(shēn)Fly by。