“Understandable。”Yan Ruyu has no way out at this time,Can only blindfold the black scarf。

“Yan Gongzi,I’ll hold you。”The little white fox ran over and took Yan Ruyu’s hand,The big black eyes blinked and blinked at Yan Ruyu。
Thirteen Little Treasure immediately became vigilant again。
And Yan Ruyu smiled and nodded,but,What surprised him was,After he bent over into the fox hole,But did not feel the hair and claws in the hands of the little white fox。
Feel,More like a child’s hand,Warm and moist,Soft and soft……
“Is it,This little white fox can be transformed?”
Because Mr. Big is leading the way,The process of a group of people entering the fox cave is quite smooth,Even if four people are blindfolded。
I walked around for about a quarter of an hour,Finally stopped。
The blindfolded black cloth was taken off。
Yan Ruyu opened his eyes,I found that the sight in front of me opened up,Like a whole new world,You can see the dark sky above your head。
obviously,This is not a cave,But an existence similar to a valley,There is also a creek,There are two more stone arch bridges。
By the creek,Is building a small wooden house,There are stars and lights inside,Blends perfectly with the dark sky。
“What a cave!”Yan Ruyu guessed,This should be a circular valley,The fox cave is just the entrance to this mountain。
Of course this is not the most important,the most important,In front of him,Already surrounded by a group of stunning vixen。
These foxes are basically in human form,Dressed in skirts of various colors and styles,There is a princess dress,Maid outfit,There are also kawaii loli costumes and the domineering Yujie Zhanhongpao。
Yan Ruxin was a little dazed for a while。
Vixen dress,Are they all so modern?
What a luxurious visual feast,because,Each of these foxes has a waist like a willow,As bright as a peach blossom,Unique,and,There is also a big tail with extremely high playability behind。
As Yan Ruyu expected,The little white fox really turned into a human form,A little loli carved in pink jade,The face is as delicate as a porcelain doll,I still have the red bellyband on my body,There are a pair of white ears on top of the head。
Look at Thirteen Little Treasures,The style of painting is completely different,A stupid boy,Wearing a torn cloak behind,It’s a fake vixen。