Lei Xuan is the child who followed Lei Tianzi into the stars this time,Lei Tianzi’s other children are already dozens of years old,Before this expedition, I stayed at Chuan Gulang and Youjian Star Field。

Lei Xuan has been following his parents,She is more than 500 years old now,Cultivating to the realm of immortal gods,I’ll be a real fairy soon。
Standing beside Lei Tianzi and said:“father,The starry sky is so cold,We probably need to sail for a hundred years before we reach the next star field。”
“Is that long?”Lei Tianzi frowned,Have an idea in my mind,I’ll discuss with Liu Tang later:“Can we work together to create a teleportation array??Lei Xuan has computing power,You have deep spatial attainments,I will grasp the time balance,Rush to the next star field as soon as possible。”
“Why go so fast?Anyway, the front in front is still the star field,You want to find a pretty female fairy,We have a lot more here,The female fairy in front is not necessarily more beautiful。”
“What are you talking about?”Lei Tianzi patted Liu Tang’s ass with a little shame。
Liu Tang is taking a verbal advantage,Can’t refuse Lei Tianzi’s request,Then they began to study the starry sky where the specific coordinates are not yet known,Lei Xuan uses Lei Wang Chao brain for calculations,Every data must match,For example, the first data is1if,Hundreds of positioning data will be generated around this data,The first data is not important,But the other data surrounding the first data must be accurate,Otherwise, accidents will happen。
After repeated verification,Lei Xuan360Lei Tianzi。
Lei Tianzi took the data and studied with Liu Tang how to confirm the teleportation array,According to the length of the distance,The proportion of materials used in the teleportation array is different,If the material is wrong,The teleported person will be strangled because of the distortion of time and space。
In order to be more accurate,I found a dead star in the starry sky,This death star has a god source,Can give birth to life,Because of being away from the sun,No life can survive,So I don’t know how many years,Always floating in the stars,Like a homeless prodigal son。
The Death Star has a very large range,The soldiers of the Guards are on guard around,Man Man took the sergeant of the Yingshen team to investigate the Death Star,See if there are any resources worth developing here。
at this time,Xiao Xiao sends a message to Emperor Lei:“Tai Ming gave birth,Is a girl。”
“Oh,I am busy now,I’ll go see the two Taiming girls later,Give them some baby by the way。”Tianzi Lei sent the news back。
I’ve been busy for about a month,Wait until Lei Tianzi finishes the teleportation array before going to Taiming,Obviously this female fairy is already waiting,Named the child,Called Tai Piao。
Lei Tianzi said apologetically:“Sorry,it’s all my fault。”
Tae Ming, a mother, is full of happiness and love,Said:“forget it!I know you are busy,Say again,You don’t know if you want this kid,I don’t need to take responsibility anymore,This is my daughter,I have the ability to raise her。”
Tai Piao was born as an immortal cultivator,Very strong body,It’s full moon now,Looks like a three-year-old child,A pair of slick eyes looking at Lei Tianzi,Shouted at Xiao Xiao’s reminder:“father……father……”