After Lei Tianzi learned the news,Immediately mobilize an army from Kowloon City in the ice and snow continent。

In view of what happened in the tomb of the king,Emperor Lei sent his wife Xu Na as the commander-in-chief,He is in a uniform,Said the heroic Xu Na:“In the future, it is likely to fight against creatures in the demon territory,Best practice now,Lest we increase our casualties in the future,I will not participate in the specific combat details,You as a commander,Need to be responsible for every soldier。”
“Don’t worry, Lord Thor,I will make proper arrangements。”Xu Na was a housewife from the beginning,But her luck is not so good,Husband killed in battle,Forced to step out of the position of a housewife,After becoming the wife of Emperor Lei,Suddenly got smarter,Also to be able to stand firm in Lei’s house,Advise Lei Tianzi,Gradually gained the trust of Lei Tianzi,In Lei Tianzi’s wife,Xu Na’s military merits firmly occupy the first position。
After accepting the task assigned by Lei Tianzi,Xu Na immediately led an army of two billion into the mysterious tomb under the leadership of Wei Weitao。
Lei Tianzi led Gan Xiaoyu and others to search in the nearby starry sky,The locations of several other tombs have been discovered one after another。
Thus,The news about the tombs in the Demon Region has been confirmed,And in every tomb there are hundreds of millions or even billions of monsters,Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but breathe in the air:“If there is a war between Terran and Demon Domain,These monsters lurking on the Terran Territory are a new force with great potential.,Unexpectedly causing irreparable losses to Terran。”
Fortunately, it was discovered in time,The creatures of the demon domain have not joined forces with the outside world,Divided and wiped out by Thunder Team。
Mobilized an army of five billion from the icy and snowy continent,Also mobilized an army of 20 billion from the Double Elephant Star Field and the Origin Star Field to enter the tomb。
There is a commander in every tomb,Besides Xu Na, there is also Zhai Jun、Dong Chan’er、Pontor、A team led by Baoling and others,Princess Long Ji is still studying her great biological cell rebirth skills in Dongtianfudi,Have no interest in what is happening outside。
The types of creatures in the demon realm are not just the giant wilderness and the swallowing sky,There are many other types,Flying from the sky,You can swim in the water and run on the ground.。
The characteristics of monsters in the demon territory are their huge bodies,Tianzi Lei saw with his own eyes a monster in the form of a tiger,The four hooves are like four huge mountains,The body is like a mountain,Gives a deep impression that cannot be defeated。
These creatures in the Demon Territory are unlucky enough,I met a little devil like Lei Tianzi,Not only as cunning as a fox,Weapons are more advanced,There were also some casualties in the battle,This is how the combat experience is groped out,Humans must suffer from close combat with monsters,They can only use long-range light cannons to kill creatures in the demon territory,Dealing with aquatic creatures,Light cannon works best,Because the aquatic creatures in the demon domain have nowhere to dodge in that environment,The aiming system of the light cannon strikes a precise,The most difficult thing to deal with is the monsters running on the ground,They use their geographical advantages to get close to Team Thunder,It was too late,Rushed by creatures in the demon territory,Team Thunder suffered heavy losses。
therefore,In response to this situation,Wang Yanping invented a path-finding robot,The robot is doing reconnaissance in front of the troops,When the creatures in the demon realm are found, they will release the news back,The number of casualties decreased a lot after the troops were prepared。
Team Thunder grew up in battle after battle,Accumulated a lot of rich combat experience。
Weapons are also constantly being updated,Developing weapons is actually very simple,Just be willing to invest,With researchers,Can continue to replace better new weapons。
Under the excitement of fighting,Team Thunder’s strength has been rapidly improved,A total of 90 billion people participated in the encirclement and suppression of the monsters,It took about eleven years before and after the time span,There are more than 360 tombs found,All are the kings of creatures in the demon realm,It can be seen how powerful the creatures in the demon realm that happened in ancient times are,How tragic was the original battle。
The Thunder Team wiped out nearly a trillion monsters,The great wilderness that Lei Tianzi saw for the first time、Swallow the sky is different,Many creatures in the demon realm are not in the realm of real immortals,They also have the strength of the infant feeding period and the lock period,If they are all creatures in the realm of demon realm,There must be nothing wrong with Emperor Lei,No matter how powerful his army is, he won’t be an opponent of so many true immortals.。
After Thunder Team paid a heavy price,The loot is also generous,There are a lot of resources in the tombs of the kings of the monsters,Once they found a tombstone,There is a passage above that exposes the ambition of the creatures in the demon territory,The meaning of this passage is,The main purpose of the tomb group is not to bury the corpse of the king,But as the frontline vanguard of the future war,Will be left in the stars“Relic”Get it back。