Dao Ke Dao,Very authentic,Name,Very famous,nameless,The beginning of the world,famous,Mother of all things,What’s behind?

Why did i shout‘World Promise,Borrowing method’After that, there is no difference between heaven and earth?The sky is rolling,Where’s Xiaguang??
I seem to understand,Why didn’t the two seniors take the path of reviving Taoism?。
Please give me a plug-in,Not demanding,Don’t want anything‘Taoist Library’,Any one‘search engine’That’s it。
Thank you!
【Twenty-three years of Tianwu calendar,March 5th】
I heard that the Baihe Academy in the Capital of God today accepted a genius who was born out of the world,name is‘Lan Feixue’,The blizzard shot the white deer,A fourteen-year-old girl is actually the champion,I was dumbfounded by the news,and,She actually even won Sanyuan?
Did she read the book in her womb??I suspect there is a problem with this Lan Feixue,but,I have no evidence。
Besides,I also found,The world does not discriminate against women,The talent of women here is virtue,Women can not only do imperial examinations,Can still join the court?
What a magical world!
I decided to participate in the imperial examination,Not because Chaotang has a girl,Mainly think,With my talent,Even without copying,It’s definitely not worse than Lan Feixue。
As for the revival of Taoism,forget it。
Drunk Lying Beauty,Awaken the world power,Doesn’t it smell?