Both Lei Xing Continent and Emperor City were later changed names,It used to be a territory controlled by the human race。

After ascending to the throne,Emperor Lei first canonized Qiao Huiru as the benevolent palace lord,This is a very meaningful ceremony,There is only one palace owner among Lei Tianzi’s wives,That’s Qiao Huiru, who will never leave,This most noble place was originally Liu Tang’s,But Liu Tang’s personality is a bit hotter,Born in a street gangster on earth,Not enough,Therefore, Tianzi Lei decided to let the gentle and kind Qiao Huiru be the only palace lord,It’s equivalent to the ancient palace empress。
Qiao Huiru has only one son, Lei Guang,Canonized as“Grand Prince”,In other words,Among the children of Lei Tianzi,Lei Guang is most likely to be the future emperor,Succession to the throne。
From the benevolent palace lord down are all noble,Like Liu Tang、Chirao、Leiland、Transfer flowers、Pontor、Tian Qi Tian Lu、Man Man、Xu Na and others,These people are canonized as concubines,Finally, Yan Yuying、Zhou Xiaorui、Qin Shi、Xia Yu、Xia Yan and others were canonized as nobles,According to the level, it is already the third level,As for Wei Xi,Not even a nobleman,Because apart from Lei Tianzi and Wei Xi,Others do not know their relationship,But Wei Xi doesn’t care about her external status,She still lives alone,Very extraordinary,Still have all the freedom。
Arrange for the harem to rectify the organization of the army。
First canonize Xu Na as the king、Zuo Yan is the King of Shura、Man Man is the King of Xiaoyi、Zhai Jun is the King of Expedition、An Liang is the king of politics、Hu Hu is the king of weapons、Liu Tang is the Demon King、Yan Qingyi is the king of corpses、Fen Meng is the King of Qiao Ling、Pang Duoer is the King of the Town Demon、Fanghua Xiaoyao King。
This is the list of the first round of crowning the king after Emperor Lei Tian ascended the throne,Whoever has the throne,In the future,High status,Not everyone is satisfied,Among them, Liu Tang is very dissatisfied,Why did she become a bastard??Can you change the title??
Lei Tianzi said solemnly:“These names are based on God’s will,I burned incense and prayed to the will of heaven and earth,It’s not something you can change if you want,Is it a child’s play??”
Yan Qingyi is also very dissatisfied,But helpless,She really can’t beat the Thunder Emperor now,Think again about that Yan Shiyu who once beat Lei Tianzi severely,I didn’t even get a title of king,And became calm。
Disciple Anliang is also not satisfied,Master gave him the title of king of politics,Does this indicate that he wants to rebel in the future??Therefore, An Liang reminds himself that he cannot rebel,Stay away from the right center,Just do the work at hand。
Yuan Li is also not satisfied,She used to be very favored,Fighting for the Thunder Team,But only got the title of a noble concubine,Even the military power was taken away。
Long Ji is also not satisfied,She is a true immortal,But no right,Look up,All Palace Lord、Lord, wait for a bunch of big guys on your head,Only she is pitiful。
Fanghua is also not satisfied,Her cultivation level is the highest,Gave up the status of palace lord,Getting the title of a prince can also make up for the shortcomings in my heart.,But why is Man Man equal to her??I think Man Man’s father almost killed Lei Tianzi,Can still be named King Xiaoyi?Maybe Manman only has the advantage of Xiaoyi,In fact, Man Man didn’t even know that his father was placed under house arrest in a secret place in Xingmu Pavilion,How to be called a filial fairy?
Even Zhirao was muttering behind her back:“Unscrupulous guy,I think my old lady was born and saved you,Until now, I left it alone and didn’t ask,Not a man is a good thing。”