“This is a lot of effort for me,I just came here from the community property。”Wang Yi explained。

Guicai believes she has worked so hard,Call monitoring from the community property,As long as they are in the community,Want to retrieve surveillance video,It shouldn’t be that difficult。
“Six p.m,Zhou Rui went to our downstairs。”Wang Yi pointed at the figure on the phone。
Not bad,That person is indeed Wang Yi,and,Her clothes,It’s the tight fit last nightTShirt and white pleated skirt。
Zhou Rui on the phone,Hovering downstairs,The wind messed up her hair,She held out a finger,Pull the hair around the ears behind the ears。
I like Zhou Rui the most,Because i feel special lady。
“Look at her,Real show。”Wang Yi cursed at the side。
I’m extremely angry,Staring at the phone screen。
Soon,I saw Uncle Wu walked out of the corridor。
Zhou Rui hurried to greet him,then,They got in the same car。
Before Zhou Rui got on the bus,Uncle Wu’s hand,Patted her back clearly,Then go to the other side of the car,And got into the driving position。
so,Zhou Rui didn’t deliver food at all last night,I went on a date with Uncle Wu!
Thought of here,My face is pale。
“Zuo Zhi,You should believe me now?”Wang Yi tilted his head to look at me。
For me at that moment,Believe it or not, Wang Yi is no longer important。
I stood up in a daze,I feel a big rock pressed against my chest,Makes me breathless。