IGSecond choice,Directly locked Tumm。

IGThird choice,Then, for Tumm, I lock my partner.:ember。
then,After determining the next combination,VGThird choice,Directly select Zhao Xin。
VGFourth handban,Directly sent the knifebanPool。
IGThere is no trick in the middle.,banThe knife is undoubtedly one of the best choices.。
IGFourth handban,It is directbanRemnant。
VGLast oneban,Get the sword magicbanPool。
IGLast oneban,Feed RuzbanPool。
Hereed,banHuman,The final entry has entered the lastpickstage。
VGFourth choice,Select the release directly。
IGFourth choice,Put Sindra directly。
IGLast choice,Selection of Serless。
VGLast choice,It is locked Oun。
Hereed,BPend,The lineup on both sides is also officially determined.。
Blue squareIGline-up:Loing Lords、Wild green steel shadow、China Singdra、ADCember、Tumm。
Red squareVGline-up:Lose Aun、Wild Zhao Xin、Single-handed stroke、ADCCasa、Assisted Mogana。
And after entering the game,Let the audience andVGThe player is somewhat surprised by。
Palace Qingwen really goes to assist,He took Tumm to help the Wang President。
More interesting scene,Subsequently found by some viewers。
Tam Tape Summon Skills,Actually flash and purification。
Look,Gongbao still has certain auxiliary experience.。
Many viewers’ hearts,Obsenterically flashing this idea。
This begins after the game,Obviously, it is also very good to understand what the audience wants to see.,The previous lens is constantly giving down the road。
Just a pity,IGNewcomerAD,under these circumstances,No anti-pressure。
Pre-eager,Surreven Mo Gundana is another oneQ。
Even Tam has tried to help him block.,But I can’t hold this new person.ADCThe position is really not very good。
Look at it,It is already all hahaha on the barrage.。
In this case,Curia,That is, a very normal thing.。
but,The lens is no dilemma because of the ember,I have to cut the picture to other roads.,Still continuing to observe the way。
One wave line is advancedIGPylon,WXZWith the help of the palace,6A small soldier has eaten4Piece。
how to say……That is to see that the palace is a little scalp.。
Several explanations on the stage,In the case where the lens has not switched,Naturally, it is also a matter of consciousness of the situation.。
“IGHere,It is pressed.。Mo Gundana combination,In the previous pair of lines, it is indeed great advantage.。”
Guanyuan open mouth。Subsequent,Wang remembers also attached to the head。
“Yes,IGLowering this side has been pressed,They have to find a chance to break.。”