Xia Jian hurriedly turned sideways,Carry pants with one hand,Take a copy with the other hand,His beautiful legs in stockings are in his hands。

“Stinking rogue!You let go”The beauty is a bit unstable,She yelled anxiously。
Xia Jian followed this beauty’s calf all the way up,My days!Does this leg grow from flesh??It’s just poured out with a mold,Evenly slender。
Beauty found Xia Jian’s evil,She struggled,The whole person is unstable,Fell down。This floor,If you fall down like this,Must have fallen a lot。
Xia Jian knows how to pity and cherish jade,How could he bear such a beautiful woman falling on the floor of the toilet。He turned around,He helped the woman’s fallen body,Hugged her tightly。
Xia Jianyi bowed his head,I saw a pair of perfect circles wrapped in lace on the chest。He couldn’t help but marvel,This is really natural,It should be said to be very artistic。
The beauty stood up fiercely,Push Xia Jian away。Xia Jian felt,If you delay time,This soaked urine is really spilled in the pants。As the saying goes,Let’s solve the peeing problem first。As for the beauties, he can only see here,This is Gu Yue’s company after all,I can’t help him。
Xia Jian thought of this,Rushed into the men’s room。
When he has solved all the problems,,The toilet is empty,This beauty is obviously gone。It’s why people stayed and waited for him?
Xia Jian took out his phone and took a look,One twenty,Usually this time,Gu Yue has rested early,He wanted to go upstairs to find her,But then think about it,Still bear it,Wait for the interview,I’ve seen the beautiful girl in the planning department。
He has nothing to do,I wandered around in the building for a long time,It’s finally two o’clock,He knocked on the door of the general manager’s office of the planning department。
“Please come in!”A woman’s sweet voice came out。
Xia Jian opened the door,Walked in gently,Then he turned and closed the door again。
“Mr. Xia who came for the interview, right??”The woman sitting behind the computer asked,Raised his head。
“what!why you?”When the woman saw Xia Jian,He stood up fiercely like a bee sting。
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