but,I think that these are my own。

Hu Luo Tian’s eyes,It’s even more fever.。
Such a thing,In fact, it is already expected.。
See these,Hu Luo Tian at this time,It’s more directly。
“Since we have come,Don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.。”
“Don’t want to die,Still running quickly!”
When Hu Luo Tian’s words finished,at this time,Tiger tribe,All the tigers and sorrows and the people of Shen Xuan and Shen Xuan。
but,When I think of the reminder of Shen Xuan before the system。
Shenxuan at this time,The whole person is more confident.。
And see here,This,Shen Xuan said directly:“Tiger tribe,You look,It is very confident.。”
“otherwise,Just give you a chance,Now heading,I can still put you a horse.,otherwise”
After Shen Xuan, I haven’t finished it.,What makes Hu Luo feel funny。
“Ha ha,Are you joking with me??”
“What can I rely?,Want to surrender with you?”
Chapter 124,Both people
“Ha ha,Are you joking with me?,Do you think,who are you?”
When Hu Luo Tian looks to the eyes,His eyes,It is even more showing a murder.。
Those people who follow the Tiger tribes around Hu Luo,They are also very proud。
Especially now,These people look at the eloquent Tiger Wolf。
If you are waiting for a true hand,Be strong and weak,In fact, it is still an unknown。
And this time,Shen Xuan’s side,Most people’s hearts,It is still inevitable。
It’s here,At this time, Shen Xuan smiled.。
“do you know,In fact, I have been just now.,You still have a chance!”
“But now you,There is no chance.!”
When Shen Xuan looked up and looked at the eyes,obviously,For this matter,It looks in Shen Xuan.,More more felt,This thing should still have this necessary to solve it.。
Frontier,Hu Luo Tian doesn’t want to delay in Shen Xuan so much。
Originally in order to solve this,But from now on,For Shen Xuan,obviously,More more felt,This matter is actually very interesting.。
And see here,Hu Luo Tian, who lived at this time,Talk to this。
“In this case,Then what are you waiting for?,Give me!”
but,Shen Xuan looks forward to his eyes,obviously,Don’t think。
After all, now,For such things。
In fact, in Shen Xuan,It is more and more feeling.。
Even Shen Xuan,In fact, it is already expected to,What happened next?。
so now,For Shen Xuan,What he needs to do,It’s okay here.。