Lead of Huo Qizhong and Tan Zhuohui in familiarity,The bloody tooth ghost ride and the 12th Mountain Wangzhai covers the hippy,And the Three Dada and the blocked the team all the sacrifice,The devil army is to step on their bodies to continue to pursue。

At this time, I have woke up.,He is really angry,Know that it is a command that Fu Yingshi under the snow.:“On the occasion of the war, you actually dizzy my commander.!what do you think?”
“sharp,sorry,This is the command of the head!”Fu Yingxue is still the first time I saw such a big fire.,But also,Ruusi is the highest commander,I really didn’t make a truth.,If you can’t break around,Not still want him to come,Fu Yingxue does not regret,Because at least he is safe now。
Qi Rui knows that Fu Yingxue and everyone are worried about themselves.,But now it is not angry,What I have to do now is to hurry with the rest of the people.。
“Everyone can horses horses!Take immediate evacuation with no horse riding!”Qi Rui ordered,
I have a lot of people in the road.,A team of almost a thousand people,There are less than six hundred remaining,A charge and blocking lose more than 400 excellent warriors。
Plus Fang Tianyi and Sunshi City Group,This time you can say that it is a defeated,Fang Tianyi is still less than 100 people,How long does he have to slow down?,This is also the same here.,So many soldiers who have been cultivated in such a long time will sacrifice so much。
Rui Rui tasted the failure of never had,And this time he truly taught the Japanese,This time they almost all,Only not counting, it should be the fighting power of the team.。
“Ni!?Rui Rui ran around!”Kawasaki is heard of this news, I don’t want to believe it.,
“Report,The firepower of the murderer is too strong!Our team can’t afford it at all。”
“Don’t stop,Continue to pursue!”
“Kawasaki Dasu,They have riding horses.!”
“horse riding,Where did they come??”Kawasaki is asked, I also thought of this key issue.,
“It should be the horse’s horses in the horses outside the mountain。”
“stupid,Right,They have taken thousands of horses,I didn’t see it in the mountains before.!It turns out that they are raising the mountain.!”On the well, Jindu also patted the brain.,
“Kawasaki Dasu,If it is not a team of blocking,They can’t run,But this blocking our team is too tenacious.,They until the last person,Our people rushed to the front of their seriously wounded, and the grenades were attributed to our people.。”
“Killing the god tutor is not general!Kawasaki Dasu,We still see it on the spot.。”Tian Village Festival said,
I have been chasing the dawn and I have never chased the killing.,See the city of Huizhou,The devils chased the soldiers and was ordered to stop chasing.。
“Report,We have already found the battlefield,Eliminate 432 people,No living port!”
“How many people we die??”
“Preliminary statistics,We are jade, four hundred and seventy-three people,More than 500 people。”
“stupid,In such an advantage, our casualties are actually larger than the killing.,It’s a shame.!”Kawasaki said。
“Kawasaki Dasu,Our combat plan is still a big success.。”Consolation of gensets in the well,
“This is not a victory.!We almost used three divisions to wanted to annihilate five thousand troops.,Actually did not succeed!The most important thing is that the killing is rude, but it is still escaped.。”
“Kawasaki,This is also no way,Rui Rui Killing Troupe weapons and equipment is indeed very fierce。”
“Don’t say any more,The West Tail, let us immediately rush to Nanjing,We are still ready to start.。”
Nanjing Dispatch Military Command,Xiuxun Shou has heard that he is a strong swearing that he has suddenly highlighting the murder of the murder.。
NS682chapter Rumored
This time, I can say that I can say that I really have a careful preparation.,Eventually no expected goals,Xi Sail life is very disappointed and annoyed。
“Why didn’t I see the report of San Tail!?”Western Shou,
“commander,I have already asked,Said that the three-tailed You Feng took his people to leave,Where do you have anyone know?,When he left, he left,Said that there are a few joint leaders have a lot of combat experience.,I don’t need him to participate in the command.,He also has more important things,Asked how he didn’t say what to do。”
“It seems that our hope is still in the three tail.,I hope he can bring me surprises.!”Xiuxing does not blame three times,Because this plan is all of him,Although I haven’t eliminated the Rui and Killing Troubleshooting,But it also hosted two groups in the new four armies.。
Let him feel that you feel this time with cow knife,This chicken finally didn’t kill!
“commander,I have read the battle report written by Kawasaki.,This time, their tactics have no problem.,Mainly because the firepower of killing the gods is really better than us.,Especially they are very good at giving night war,This time they also spelled the breakout,Our troops have received great restrictions after the sky。”Hougong said,
“Why didn’t I send some army ambush?,Why make them a charge that highlights the circle!”Xi Sail,