87hand!A remember that it is uncomfortable to eat,Continue to fist!

Reduce sleep time in the morning15minute,Last one month
95hand!Continue to scroll to eat,Step by step to shoot black chess into a stupid!
Night energy drop50,Last two months。
When you continue to sway,Kohuan stopped attack,Look at this instructions。
This night is energetic,Is it a night that I understand??
Still, his night’s energy is mainly used on the top of the game console.?
That is this.,For 富 少 来,This should be the destruction of the grade.?
Last punch,Point until,The anger stick is just completely completed.。
After a series of heavy punches,Raw hot smoke on the chessboard。
situation,Great advantage。
This judgment just came out,Suddenly pushed the chair to get up:“I went to the bathroom。”
His eyes fell in the Yugui pocket,Just starting,I have a bad breath in it.。
I don’t point to my body.。
Chapter 57 · Hell lion
After obtaining the consent of the science,Runway straight to the door。
The referee wants to stop,But just stretching,The most shake your head and put it down.。
Six paragraphs and seven paragraphs have pair of eyes。
“He wants to start with that thing.。”
Although they don’t know what to do,But as a feeling of professional players tell them,Now he does this last time。
Although this is not the best time。
He Zhe is watching the Suddenly disregarded the screen before the screen,Can’t help but hold legs:“This!”
“Teacher don’t worry,Teacher, he may just go to the bathroom.,Even if it is usually a bureau,He will not do this kind of disadvantage.。”Disciples hurriedly comforted。
“I certainly know this,But this chess is now very difficult.,And your chess you also know,He is not the kind of person who can turn a disadvantage。”He said with a greeting,“Now I can only expect things that can have a miracle.,Just like the history of the history of Anjing Fairy”
Bathroom,Evil is washed over and over again.,Looking at the water in the pool and swing into the hole。
Lens learning often affects this water into the picture in the pool hole as hopeful,Desperate a little bit。
What is joking?!This is an extremely important first three segments.,This is able to say output,Output out?
Especially before it has been provoked by him.,This can not bear it.。
He finally took the strange pill given by Yucheng chess.。
“First said,This is my own strength”Siwu said to find an excuse of yourself。
This is the Royal City chess to him.,Can’t you harm him??
The two six paragraphs and seven paragraphs did not intercept him on the first day.,The default is this available,That is to say, this is not to violate the rules.?Do not violate the principle of fair competition?
He took a glass of water with a water drowning machine.,Then I swallowed it together.。
The first is the first reaction