In Wang Yufei’s opinion,This is his responsibility as a brother。

“I want to be a female knight!”Guo Xiaoyi said proudly。
This answer is somewhat beyond Wang Yufei’s expectation。
After all, Huaxia doesn’t seem to have this career。
And now send Guo Xiaoyi to Emei Mountain to practice martial arts,Seems to be late……
“Xiaoyi,What you are talking about is not the same as what your brother thinks。Are you going to be a policeman,I still plan to be a reporter to expose all kinds of unfairness?”Lu Yuxin smiled and asked。
“My dear sister-in-law knows me!Look at my brother’s silly look,Must be crooked!”Guo Xiaoyi proudly said。
Wang Yufei smiled bitterly。
He really doesn’t have Lu Yuxin understand Guo Xiaoyi’s thoughts。
After all, when he was in Beijing,When Guo Xiaoyi takes time out, she prefers to chat with her sister-in-law about messy things on WeChat.。
of course,Guo Xiaoyi is also kind,After all, Wang Yufei is always busy,Afraid of delaying her brother’s business。
“Ok,Don’t even think about being a policeman,It’s good to be a reporter,Huaqing has a major in journalism。”Wang Yufei nodded,I probably have a care。
There are still five years,Enough for him to lay the technical foundation for Guo Xiaoyi’s future。
“Xiaoyi doesn’t mean to be an ordinary reporter,She is quite the kind of reporter who can expose all kinds of shady in society,The kind that might face danger。”Lu Yuxin emphasized。
Wang Yufei looks at Guo Xiaoyi,The little girl’s head is dotted like a chicken pecking rice,Said proudly:“exactly,Just the kind of reporter who can be a hero,They all say that the moral bottom line is the law,Regardless of the shady scenes that broke the legal bottom line,I have to expose those ugly faces that are higher than the law but must be cast aside by basic moral qualities!I think this is what God meant to give me a good brother!”
“Ok……”Wang Yufei nodded。
A little bit ashamed,Especially the comment of a good brother。
After all, after he arrived in the capital,The concern for Guo Xiaoyi is inevitably less。