“Oh,Means nothing。”Xianban is long and smile。

“See the Lord of the Temple of the Temple,See the elders,See the seniors!”Just at this time, Lin Feng gave a respectful gift.,His face is pale,Sweat,Both feet are shaking,The corner of the mouth is black.。
The figure of the emperor walked up with the face.:“Lin Feng,Today, let you come for a thing。”
“Palace,whats the matter?”Lin Feng respectd the road。
“The world rumors you are the blood of Xuanhuang,So today, all the seniors in the God of Tiantian are here.,I want to see your style.。”The emperor looked at Lin Feng look seriously。
“Xuanhuang blood?Xuanhuang blood?”Lin Feng heard the tongue:“Palace,This thing is recorded in the old god legend,May I presented??”
“I also feel impossible。”The emperor looks at Lin Feng’s appearance:“So let you come to the opposite。”
“Confrontation?Hey,It’s really ridiculous。”Lin Feng heard the bitter smile:“Palace,Since this,I will let the seniors check,But I have some explanation。”
“whats the matter?you say。”Emperor is serious。
“I am afraid...。”Lin Feng worried about the gods and the gods of the gods and the gods.,These big arms are holding a glass。
“What are you afraid?,Just talk,sentimental!”Emperor is a hands-on hands。
“He is afraid that we are secretly hurting him.。”At this time, the dragon family is holding a wine glass.:“Boy,Does it mean this?”
“The younger generation is not this.,I am afraid I have been searching.,Once the soul is searched,I will not appear....。”Lin Feng hesitated,This thing is very worried,Once you go out, he is thoroughly dishes.。
He is not easy to stay in the temple。
Tell this,Many of the gods and the gods of the world have a little ugly,Nima,Isn’t this I can’t afford their repair??They can be the gods of the gods,Search will produce sequelae?Open international jokes。
The Xian family is a slap in the table.:“Emperor one,Autumn,The disciple of your temple is too polite.。”
“Fairy brother,Not he is not polite,But his burden is too heavy.,Fear, except for problems。”Emperor looked at Lin Feng Road:“Lin Feng,Although you can rest assured,Then doing the rare big 佬 in the sky,In the future,Search resort,Can you come out?。”
“Yes,Palace,Disciple should not be suspicious。”Lin Feng respectd the road,His face with panic colors。
“Allocate,please?Be careful。”Emperor。
“Humph,Humph,Humph!”A cold voice sounded,A strong volatility spread out,These powerful Yuan god fluctuations directly into Lin Feng’s mind,Starting a crazy search。
Lin Feng’s face reveals the color of pain。
Emperor one and autumn god have been ugly,Emperor a big sleeve,A vast life of life flooded into Lin Feng’s body,Nourishing Lin Feng’s Yuan God,Lin Feng’s Yuan God is so good。
Xian family,Shen people long,Polygonical hall,Long family and others have nodded,Directly collected Yuan Shen,Each frown is。
I didn’t find anything from my memory.。
“How to check?Is this disciple of this temple that has a blood of Xuanhuang??”The emperor looks at the people。
“Wait,There is one!”At this time, the long palm of the Xian family appeared a blood.,This silk is very like,Flashing the mysterious airflow,It is a bloody blood。
This is from the blood of this is from Lin Feng.。
“Whose blood is this?”Emperor looked at this drop of fresh blood frowned。