Summer,Rumble,狠 击 in her waist,Cold drink,“Give me break!”

At the moment,Surrounding air faint rooms in distortion,It seems to be wrapped in a layer of turbulence,Like a mountain peak collided on the woman。
In the middle of the way,Women’s big mouth vomiting blood,She only feels blood in the body,Pentaded displacement,The whole body seems to be broken.。
This is the only thought of her idea.。
It is also my only chance at this moment.。
Just land,She uses all the strength,A little feet,Again。
at the same time,Her body shape has also become a blurred,It seems that it will disappear in the dark next second.。
“Small pedicure,Dare to get ugly。”
Summer steps。
Just one step,But it seems that ghosts generally appear in more than ten meters.。
immediately,His arm,Five fingers are catching,Void suddenly,Cold drink,“Roll down from Laozi!”
The woman originally disappeared, the body will sink.,Follow,A cold neck。
She reluctantly,See a hand。
This hand really hits her neck.。
“I only ask once,how did you find me。”
Woman face pale,Completely frightened,I regret it in my heart.,I didn’t expect to dream.,The other party actually arrived in this point.。
“If you let me……I can tell you,otherwise……”
Summer nice head,“That’s goodbye。”
Voice is just,Five finger,Just listen to a click,Women’s face expression,Pupil quickly spread。
The charming and beautiful face,With a regret,Full of unwillingness and do not believe。
Night,Summer calm,What is the beauty?,Even how the ninja is,He will not have a soft hand.。
Killing decisive personality,Will not shake due to any。
At the time of the underground world in the West,The parties of the island country are more than once.,Even if I hide myself,They still don’t let go。
For summer,This kind of person,No need for any compassion,A strike。
Put the body on the ground,Tangle,Dial the number of Thunder。
“Boss。”Thunder lifting sound,“I have already dealt with my body.,Where are you?”
“There is a construction site in the east side.,I am in the seventh floor,There is also a corpse here.。”
“it is good,I immediately arrive。”
Thunder,After the end,What did he think of,Smile,“Boss,I met a person this afternoon.。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,“Who?”“Longfei。”