Just when Zhao Youcai is ready to give birth,The outside is suddenly sounded.。

Soon, it was blocked.。
Song Ting opened a moment in an instant。
How did she not think that the person being kidnapped is actually the apprentice of her father?。
Let her surprised a circle of people lying on the ground。
Obviously coma。
“Do not move,Hand up。”
This time a police,Only Song Ting’s captain paid a pistol。
And she also controls everyone in the first time.。
Zhao Youcai saw a scene of the police officer.。
“Ok, you,You still dare to call the police,What man do you??”
“Hey-hey,Your IQ,Can be counted。”
Li Hui also did not expect Zhao Youcai, but dared to say such a word in the face of the police officer.,This is a feeling of singing this place without silver.。
Song Ting also immediately listened to this time who kidnapped Suwa from Zhao Youcai’s words.。
Immediately, people focus on the talent,Also give the other person’s handcuffs。
“Su big brother,Why are they kidnapped??”
Song Ting said,While giving you the sun,At the same time, I got the smelly socks in Suilu Bay.,Give the hand to charge evidence。
Su Qing is also sickly suffering from the stinky sock.,Whip for a long time,Calculate。
“Tingting,Are you not in the county??
How can I come here??”
“Humph,You are still very embarrassed,When I saw it, I saw the cat with my mouse.,I am so terrible??”
I heard Song Ting.,Su Qing is also full of face。
And Song Ting also felt that he had just talked, there may be some little woman.。
When it is serious about the face。
“Let me answer me why they kidnap you.。”
Li Hui Feng at this time but can’t see it.。
He can be very clear, Song Ting is absolutely legs with the rush.,It is not general to see the relationship between this.。
“police officer,I know,The reason why they kidnapped Su Brother is because I” Li Hui said that the previous consequences have been said.,Even his guess said it。
I heard the words of Li Hui Feng.,Song Ting is also shocked。
Immediately,Directly is serious, Li Hui:“The words you just said are really?
This helper really has drug abuse?”
“Hey-hey,Is it true that you take back to test a blood??
I don’t know someone else.,But Zhao Youcai must be,And you can investigate his past,I feel that it is to shoot him.。”
This time,Song Ting did not pick up,Instead, people will take all people away.。
Li Hui Rong and Su cool are brought to a recorded room,And another group of people have been woke up by Song Ting.,Then queue on another stroke room waiting for a record。
Su Qing is also scared before the past.。
At the first time when I finished the record, I gave the Songshimin who had just discharged to call.。
What is the thing you encountered today,Songshimin didn’t know,He is only a little curious, why didn’t you give him a call?。
“Xiao Su,Is there anything to call me so soon??”
“Song Song,I want to replace things with you.,And it is a very serious thing。”