The teenager stomped at the same time,After his body vacated, he quickly shuttled around the area where Dongfang Ruiqing was located.,His body is completely comprehended by himself,Can’t talk about martial arts and combat skills,Self-proclaimed system,Amazingly fast。

Although Dongfang Ruiqing’s figure is everywhere,But it’s difficult to accurately capture the position of the boy,But fortunately, the teenagers dare not attack easily,Just get close,He has to bear a heavy price,Severe injury to vomit blood,He lost his life。
and so,Dongfang Ruiqing is not in a hurry,Steady and steady,Forward slowly,Although the space in front of the two armies is very empty,But Dongfang made up his mind and pushed it like this,Less than a hundred feet further ahead is the army formation on Five Elements Island,If the young man is timid and dare not attack,He might as well destroy the army,I’m not afraid you won’t show up and die。
Bang,Blaze,The juvenile fireball again,The body rushed to the opposite side,Void Cleave falls down fiercely,But the golden light flashed,The boy flew out backwards again,After falling into the clouds this time,It took a long time to get up,Again,Missed opportunity,But his eyes are still very clear。
Although Dongfang Ruiqing also won the juvenile feat,But at the same time, he also lost a few bodies attached to his soul,Not only the power of the soul is weakened,Spiritual power is also consumed very much。
This boy is very resistant,Can actually get up,If you are tempted by this guy again,As the body decreases,Instability,The ability to obtain space power will also decrease,The most important thing is that this kind of damage and weakening is irreversible,Even if Dongfang Ruiqing killed the boy in this battle,Later cultivation base will also fall into the realm,The price is considerable。
But this kind of divine energy that can be possessed after being out of the body cannot stop once it starts.,Although the combat power is terrifying,And very confusing,Unpredictable,But finally lost flexibility,Dongfang Ruiqing is a little anxious,But there is no way。
Unsurprisingly next,The old tricks repeated by the teenager,Don’t hesitate to use your body to resist gold,It’s so terrible to be pumped every time,But every time he can stand up again,I don’t know what it is,I just beat him to death。
All spectators were shocked and moved,Because every time a teenager collides, it will bring a terrifying space shock,This is the support pillar of the free world after being hit hard**。
This life and death battle is simply destroying,The simple understanding is that Dongfang Ruiqing is extracting spatial spiritual power,And the boy didn’t know what method was used,After diluting the energy of the opponent’s sudden attack,Quickly stripped and spilled,It’s like giving back to the free world。
This is not a simple transfer method,But a trick,The boy’s body still has to withstand the direct attack of the golden mace before taking it by accident,Endure the tremendous damage caused by the terrifying energy。
But almost at the same time,Juvenile body,Countless golden runes emerge from bones to muscles,If you look closely,The appearance of these runes is exactly the same as the runes studied by the young man on the left wall of the Temple of Five Elements。
Runes take over and dilute these energies in rapid movement,At the same time, the flesh and bones of the teenager were crushed and torn by the severe impact.,But it will recover in an instant,Although this process is dangerous,But extremely short,And will not cause substantial harm to teenagers,He has been tempered by the Holy Fire twice,The toughness and vitality of bones and flesh are unparalleled,Has already surpassed the strong gods。
Subsequently,Runes will be superfluous in high-speed movement、Unbearable energy released,and so,Every time a young man collides with the body attached to Dongfang Ruiqing’s soul,There will be golden light shining,Many spectators mistakenly believe that it is the light of the golden mace,In fact, it is a kind of explosion when energy is rapidly dissipating。
The teenager has absorbed the most essential part of energy,And the spiritual power that sheds,Its purity is much worse,Till now,Rune’s mission is far from complete,Most of them are purifying and guiding these pure spiritual powers to the sea of Qi,The other small part is repairing the secondary damage to the body caused by energy dissipation.,So,The more they fight, the more they can resist,The more you fight, the more powerful。
Many people are worried,This one hasn’t finished,I am afraid that the free world will be torn down,Why didn’t Tianzun come out to stop?
At this time, Li Tan and Brahma are peeping from a distance,I was shocked and had my own guesses,The juvenile’s ability to resist is beyond the scope of normal understanding,Even Tianzun can’t be as relaxed as he is,Besides, the more you fight, the stronger。
Juvenile’s coping methods are obviously a different way,But it’s not just the reason for his own cultivation,There must be external help,I just don’t know if the instigator is the expert from outside the territory or the ancient god of the blazing sun。
Brahma and guess,The weird and powerful means of the teenager should come from the ancient god of the Sunlieyang Palace,That kind of explosive power,He feels familiar,More importantly, before the war,Jinwu Laojiu suddenly came here uninvited,Wandering around in the free world,It can never just watch the scenery。