“I just said how I forgot the important thing.!”

Tesla is still in the Babylon laboratory 7 km away,Frozen。
Ai Minstan is notified,Under the authority of Qi Gay,Some machines permit inverse entropy enters the defense line,Tesla hurried over。
Chapter 430 The first party is coming to http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn the moon.(Two in one)
“report,Otte from the moon,Falling into Mariana is still enough,May cause an unprecedented tsunami,West Pacific Coastal City is conducting emergency evacuation!”
“report,Moscow is hit nearby,city31Partially destroyed!”
“At present, the number of casualties is speculated more than3000Ten thousand people!”
“report,From the meteorite flying out from the moon hit Los Angeles,The current loss is unknown!”
So fast in the illusion,A blink of an eye,Xilin has obtained the power of being sealed on the moon.。
Xilin gains for the first time,Four meteorites to the earth,More than 10 million people are currently injured in the earth。
Qi Gi Fei Station in the control room of the Babylon laboratory,Looking at the full-screen red report,The fist is squatted on the console.。
“amber,Help me contact Otto!”
Wear corner of the http://www.arrow-oil.cn screen,A woman with a yellow glasses said indifferently:“Qigger,Bishop adults are now very busy,Please don’t bother to him。”
Qi Guan said yet,Just shouted a name,The other party hangs up the communication。
“Han Jiang,This is……What’s wrong?”Kiyana launched Hanjiang asked。
Han Jiang is pinching the chin:“Xilin fled to the moon,Located on the moon, the last era seal collapsed place,There is part of the end of the end of the episode.。”
Han Jiang bite his lips,Self-proliferation:“Absorbed part of the power of the end,No wonder Otto seems to see the second law。”
“Today is already the third day of the meteorite.,Otto still has to move,When will you wait?!”Qi Gay hated hated:“Does it have a lot of resources?,Don’t you get on the moon??”
“I want to wait patiently.,When will you wait?!”
Qi Game flew on the wall,To Han Jiang and Qiana:“I am going to find the retrograms of entropy.。”
Hanjiang La Shangqianna,Follow Qi Gay out of the command room to see Qi Gay to find Walter to do what。
“Retroprochemical adult!”
After the internal medical room rushed into the Babylon laboratory,Qige fell loudly。
Tesla, who is repairing Apple, stopped the action,Angery rushing looks together。
“What is it?,Didn’t see the union?,Be careful, I will cut you.!”
Tesla’s temper can’t say how good,She basically said that she wants to cut.,Almost already planned in the brain。
“Now people in the world live in panic,And can we only sit here??”Qi Gafei’s voice is small,Can you still have an angry?。
Tesla did not have a good role:“We have tried it.,60Hour ago,Reproductive Northern American Headquarters has launched three silver bullets to the moon。”
“This is a testistic attack,The second law has the ability to transfer space transfer,Silver bullet cannot directly attack him。”
“So we plan to be next after the silver bullet is close to the moon.,Remote detonate。”
Say,Tesra sighed,“pity,Silver bullet is near the moon,All failed,Equivalent to us launched three space garbage to space。”
“Before the equipment failed,We observed large electromagnetic pulses。”
Qi Gafei is shocked,“Electromagnetic Pulse?Mooneparms?Shouldn’t you??”
Walt put the notebook in your hand on the legs,Sit straight:“It is possible that she has received new strength。”
“The second law is just a small girl with a brute force before.,now,She began to learn how to use their own strength.。”
“I can’t kill her before this.,Is our mistake……”
Qi Gi flying steel teeth is almost bite,That damn clown!