Sixty-seven daggers,At the same time stab。

Teenagers have not avoided,Instead, one of them,It’s a madness to welcome it.。
Even if you die,He also tears a piece of meat from them.!
Just like this,A thoroughly is like a pop-up,Scared everyone。
Six handsome hands,Flour flight。
Fat-headed men and the rest are all shocked,Look forward to。
What happened?
Don’t know。
But when they look carefully,But found,I don’t know when you are more than a person.。
A body shape,Foot with a healthy man,He stands there,Like a half black tower,Give people a very big oppression。
Flying out, playing。
Then I don’t move.。
Point pointed,Just look at the heads of their soft and soft, you can know,Their neck has been broken。
After three or four seconds,The scarlet blood is slowly flowing from their respective mouth.。
Six handsome violent violent,Died。
First2126Chapter Fist hard is the truth
Everything happens too fast。
Fast reacting。
When six beats are heavy,Hakone blood,When you move。
The man who is full of feathers and the rest of the hand are all.。
Reaction,One big shock。
“You,Who are you?!”
Fat, big ear, man, drink, ask,But the trembling sound is still selling the fear of this moment.。
The rest of the people are also unable to go。
Six companions spike in a moment,Even if they are stupid,Encounter a master。
Juvenile also looks,That still brought a little bit of face,Surprised,Also a vigilant。
“Haha,Xiao Ming.,Nice。”