Xiao Yunyi answer:“Practice the sword for more than two years,I have been used to it.。”

“Han Dado, you can sleep again.,Waiting for me to make breakfast again to get up。”
Han Rong hit a yawn:“Not sleep,See you practice sword,I can’t sleep like this.。”
Say,Han Jiang began to wear clothes。
“What kind of thing is,How is it so hard to wear?!”
Hanjiang wears clothes while wearing clothes,Shenzhou ancient costumes look very elegant,But wearing it is too strong.。
After the first sunshine in the morning, after entering the small courtyard,Xiao Yun suspended the sword,I started to make a fire.。
After breakfast,Xiao Yun continues to practice the sword,Han Jiang and Xiao Da have two people have a lot of talks.。
At about http://www.fj153.cn9 o’clock in the morning, I was about 10 o’clock in the morning.,Zhang Eriu, who wandered overnight, rushed to the direction of the Xiaojia。
Zhang Daniu runs,Shout:“Xiao Big Brother,The monster came again.,here we go again。”
Zhang Erné ran panting,Climbing on a small wall of the Xiaojiayuan,Pointing at the direction of the village, talking about it.。
“three!”Han Jiang’s heart,This is beyond his expectations.。
Really in accordance with the villagers of the village chief at last night,This mousse one public mother with a child to take a revenge.?
And from yesterday to today,Every appearance is a meal, just after a meal.,The monster is full?
Still talking to the mouth of human beings who have to eat,Can eat more?
“go!”Xiao Da said,Going out from the http://www.fjmszx.cn house。
Xiao Yun is holding the Polyteen,Han Jiang hurriedly chased it。
In the village of the country,The village suspect is too hot early in the morning to go to the ground.,This point is basically almost done from the ground.。
After Zhang Di,Some villagers ran to Xiao everyone in the farm of the hoe.,Shouting the monster and came again。
When several people from Hanjiang rushed to the village,Seeing that there is three kinds of monster in the river。
One of them has a large piece of blood,There is another model。
The most strange thing is the third of everyone.,The third body is only one or two meters.,Many more than other two。
Some shapes like modern“fly”Crazy beast,But more than two tails,A fur。
“This rich is rare to say a truth.。”Xiao Da saw three collapse and beasts.。
After that, Xiao Da took his eyes to Xiao Yun’s body.,Xiao Yun said with his strength to say:“I am going to slaughter these three monsters.!”
Xiao Yun’s eyes flashed a fear,But still resolutely rushing to the river。
Han Jiang immediately followed Xiao Yun:“You are dealing with the injured,I am entangled in the remaining two。Waiting for you to solve one after,Come help me again!”
Speech,The two have been different from the collapse of the beast.。
Han Jiang takes the state village from the system warehouse,First Xiao Yun stepped by step to the monster。
http://www.jlsongshui.cn Immortal,This is not a spacer,Besometric,Xiao everyone’s small gentleman is a cactus!”