“Rich!What do you say?The boss went so far away,The second child is also in the provincial capital,I can’t come back for a while,This issue…”Chen Yueqin said,Talk and stop。

Yao Chunni glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Don’t froze,Rush to the hospital。It looks like a stroke,The disease was cured extremely,No problem”
These two words of Yao Chunni,At the point。Chen Yueqin felt comfortable after hearing this,Even Wang Youcai felt,She said this well。
Three people do it together,Drag Wang Degui to Wang Youcai’s back。Wang Youcai put Wang Degui on his back。Then he started the car at the moment,I still called my second brother Wang Youdao。
First2156chapter Brother grudge
One call,Without waiting for Wang Youdao to speak,Wang Youcai said loudly into the phone:“Second brother!Dad got a sudden illness,Eyes slanted,My mouth is also crooked,It’s not easy to speak”
“You and your eldest brother go to the hospital first!I’m so far away,You tell me I can’t help”Wang Youdao said coldly on the phone。
Wang Youcai got angry when he heard it,He immediately hung up the phone,Start the car and run to the city hospital。Wang Youcai’s call is to make Wang Youdao worry about his father’s condition.,If it doesn’t work, send it to the provincial hospital for treatment,Anyway,Hospital http://www.anguofangchan.cn conditions in big cities are definitely better than those in small cities。
Unexpectedly, Wang Youdao actually said something like this,Really disappointed him。Wang Youcai driving the car,Run quickly to the city hospital。halfway,Wang Youdao made several calls,Wang Youcai didn’t even pick it up。Wang Youdao may have realized that he said something wrong。
For Wang Youcai, the city hospital,He is not strange。The car drove directly to the door of the residence,Then he gave his father an emergency number。
The doctor saw that Wang Degui had this disease,Immediately transferred him to the inpatient department。The attending doctor knows Wang Youcai,Know he has some background。So take extra care of Wang Degui。
Check it out,Basically diagnosed as stroke,This is the most common geriatric disease。So the attending doctor told their http://www.hbsmgg.cn family,Don’t worry too much,Cooperate with treatment,Is possible to cure。After listening to the doctor,Wang Youcai’s hanging heart was let go。