“Sure enough,Beichen, a knife is still playing new patterns in your hands.,good,good!”

Thundermond Longma mouth praises Hanjiang’s move,But the demolition of the hand in the hand,Hanjiang Festival defeated。
“Start transmission sector!”
Han Jiang did not wear armor,Can not mean he has no ability to use armor,Two armor in the system can not be used。
The next moment, Han Jiang’s abroad can start rotation.,A armor in a white courtyard style,The state village covers a thin layer of knife。
http://www.qeqts.cn Thundermond lightening,Trick his people。
Those black people will fight with the female Wushen,Sochief from Han Jiang,Let Han River and Thundermallow form a one-on-one situation。
“Since you don’t listen,Then I will have two strokes with you.!”Thundermond Longma mouth rose,I want to try this young man’s skill.。
No matter how Han Jiang attacks,The other party is not taking the knife,Even in encouraging Hanjiang movements faster。
Han Jiang uses Yu Guang to observe the surrounding environment,A knife to the thundermary dragonfly。
Thunder, Longma raise hand, the state village is born,Han Jiang borrowed quickly,One foot on a black man’s waist,Use a knife to fight this person’s hand back,The next moment will take a knife from him.。
“Oh?There is also a new pattern?”Thundermond dragonfly smile,Don’t put Hanjiang http://www.rfqtf.cn in your eyes at all。
Han Jiang takes a familiar double knife,Steps, slide, thunder, thunder。
Under this attack,Thundermond dragon horses have no relaxed start,This young man brings him a big pressure.。
“Pull the knife,You can’t look down, I am not?”
Han Jiang found,Even if you use a double knife in the sector,There is also a bit of power to deal with the thundermond dragon horse.,Start attacking each other with language。
The other party starts from the beginning,The knife is too knife never pulled out,I have never looked down on the look of everyone.。
People have not put eleven people in Hanjiang in their eyes.。
“good,The genius called the swordway is not,But you are too young.!”Thundermond Longma, a teacher。
“Do you take care of these female martial arts?,I don’t want to let go before I come http://www.hongkangfdc.cn back.。”Thundermond drain,The movement in your hand starts acceleration。
Han Jiang clearly can see the perspective of the other person attack,You can always be a little every time you block.。
Differently 差 千 千,The gap between the two can look out at a glance.。
Can Hanjiang is not a person who is willing to accept,Difficult to block, you can also force the thundermary dragonfly.。
Thundermallow, watch watch watch,Hanjiang said:“No time to accompany you to play with you.,Dragging too long。”
After that, the thunder is like electricity.,Instantly detours Hanjiang back,Scabbard heavy hit on the neck of Hanjiang。
Han Jiang is a black,I am unable to fall on the ground.。
When I woke up again,Han Jiang found himself with arm with rapid movement。
“Woke up?”Thundermond dragon horse arms,Throw Han Rong on the ground。
Han Jiang climbed on the ground and did not move,Anyway, but the other party,Not as if it is not ready to wake up。
“Stop pretending,The respiratory frequency is a subtle change,I really thought that your little camouflage can be hidden.?”Thundermond dragon horses look at Hanjiang on the ground。