He can only。

Because the speed of summer is too fast,And there is no whit vulnerability and weaknesses to catch him。
Important,He is very passive at this moment。
Summer constant sword,Under,It is also the ultimate of the ghosts.。
If you look from outside,He figured http://www.join-hands.cn in his body,It seems to appear in the direction of Tang Hingsong。
Every sword is swept out,Air is torn,And the angle is extremely drilled。
In this time,Tang Hingsong can only protect,Unable to counterattack,And constantly being retracted by the back。
In fact,Even is a realm of summer,He also noticed that he was very likely not an opponent.。
And the summer is the main attack,Be too fierce,One time attack like electricity,Let him be quite passive。
He may not upgrade the realm to Wu Wangjing,During the decline。
A good boy!
But Tang Hanxiang is not angry,Come back!
Summer pass,The heavy sword continues to be obliquely,Sword,Dazzling。
Tang Hancong lifted guns,The two touched the moment,Summer feels an extremely violent power to pass,Let his arm is strike。
The power of the poles still broke out,The rays on the heavy sword are more likely,Instant to force the power。
Summer turning and going back。
Another drag again。
Sword light has passed a round curvature in the air……But only on the residue。
Tang Hansong has reached one side,Gun scoring,Gather,Sweep,Wrap a large twisted air ripple。
Summer transition fluctuations,Do not hesitate to play absolute fields。
Long gun in half-air,move on,But it was seized in the summer.,The shape is like transients generally connected。
He now there is almost no trick,It is common between。
This can be so,Falling in the master,It seems not ordinary。
The sword finger refers to Tang Hancong waist.。
Sword light,As if a star is pressed down。
Sword is not,The sword has already gap the grass on the ground.,Since soil,All http://www.yifanhuashi.cn debris suddenly be scattered on both sides。
The shock of Tang Hanong’s eyes is getting more and more rich,At the same time become more exciting。
He is also completely stimulated。
Gully swept,Canada,Just fight against,Summer is disappeared in place。
this moment。
Circular 100 meters,It’s all the swords of the sky everywhere.,It is a vertical sword gas everywhere.。
Tang Hanxiang is not afraid,Again,Start with summer super high speed attack。
I can’t capture the figure of two people。