Martin is angry and angry,Face is sinking,The haze in the eyes seems to drip the venom,“Did you track??”
Alice’s voice http://www.uc-mall.cn is careful,“But now,There is no message feedback,I speculate that they have been killed.。”
“Continue to send people to search for Liuhe Mountain,Be sure to grab my substitute back。”
the other side。
Gano left the Holy Church,And enter a nearby building。
Gano hugs,Grateful,“Thank you for your predecessors.……”
Not finished,Old man is happy,Smile and look at him,“Don’t call my seniors,I haven’t been two hundred years old.,Definitely not you。”
Gan dry face,Quite embarrassing。
It’s not a common person.,Ate,“Dare to ask the home name,There must be a thick newspaper in the future。”
“I have said,Just a haired idle cloud。”
Old back,Even reflected,Mengyu,“I saved you this time.,It is a victory.。”
Gano,Demonstrate,“who is it?”
The old man is hungry,Smile,“http://www.lyjinfu.cn The man let me tell you a sentence,Remember the oath ten years ago,If you still remember,Then you should follow your promise.,If you want to repent,It is best to return to the road of Changsheng now.。”
Da da da!
I heard this sentence,Gano’s face changed again,Shocked and stunned。
The old face revealed the piped smile。
He immediately added another sentence,“That man also said,Let you sharpen as summer,Instead of letting you kill him,Let me ask you http://www.1iangzhi.cnfor her,Are you too long??”
Gano’s face is awkward。
Ranking,Be afraid,There is also a slice。
Ten years ago,There is a woman into the long life,Writer hand to suppress him。
If the other party is a woman,Ganan Insurance thinks that the ghost valley that year is alive.。
The other party is too powerful.,Powerful。
Does Gofo really willing to be trapped in the long life??
Real reason,It can’t come out。
When he spent hundreds of years,Finally, it is possible to open a way to the outside channel.,The woman appeared again.。
The other party only handed him to suppress him。
finally,Gordo chose the surrender。
Be right。
It is the surrender。