Monica nodded,The eyes swept around。
Spin,He went to one of the guards。
That guard party also shot,However, he is not hurt.。
I saw Monica came here at this moment.,Face change,After the consciousness is back。
Speech,Monica’s body is actually enveloped by a layer of faint white light.,Looks holy love。
And her eyes,It has also become different from,Simulation is a boundless magic,Named Eddy’s guards stay,Face of fanaticism。
See this scene,Not only Yina has changed color,Even if the elder’s face is also sinking to the extreme。
“Tell me,What happened just now,Don’t miss a trace。”
Endi face struggled,安,“Be……”http://www.yk9999.cn
First1750Chapter http://www.ahdx10000.cn Dinner
Very quiet。
Only the escort named Eddie,Sound from the intermittent sound。
With his story,Euna’s face became more and more difficult。
The big face is getting more and more shadow。
There is also a color between Harris’s appearance.。
After he is finished,Monica’s holy white light is faint。
Then look at Yun。
“This is what you said.?”
Ya’s face is a young color of a white,Hot hot rush。
“This is what you said?”
Monica also aligned Harris again。
Monica shakes his head,Laugh,The final look,“Elder,What else do you say?。”
Big elders,Stronger,“No matter how,He is injured, it is not right.,Dictionary,He is so embarrassed,Be too poisonous。”
Item Monica continues this topic,He immediately transferred topics。
“Holy woman,About black http://www.niqi3688.cncrystal,Do you want to ask me??Tell me now,I am doing!”
Monica responding,Turn on the previous step,Cold,“What is your role of a saint?,Is it just a furnish?……”