“That is not a lie!!”

“The group is going to rest.,Take a break。”The group said.,“Pull the curtain。”
Zhou Zhi gave her a curtain。
There are organic http://www.cyyzb.cnchemical latexies at night.,Zhou I feel that I have to go。
Calculated that the last time I was already ten days ago.,If you are going down,What is the difference between this garbage student with Nan Ge??
So he went to class。
have to say,With this new second-hand bicycle,He is really convenient for his upper and lower classes.。
This is a big lesson,many people。
Almost ten days did not appear,There are some strangers in many classes in the eyes.,He walks along the aisle,Many students have a different eye to him.。
There is a girl with a girl,The thief asked:“Depth,Is it fun with Nan Ge going out??”
Zhou Zhiyi。
Especially this girl, he doesn’t know.。
Surrounded by a laugh。
Zhou sitting behind the back row,A light of light、Teacher also visible location,But not the last side,Because the teacher’s last time answer is from the final row,I can’t answer the school to deduct points.,Fierce。
Not for a while,Nan Ge walks into the classroom,Also suffered almost,But Nan Ge is very calm.。
The momentum is kneaded。
Sitting in position,She is also comforting next week:“These sand carving is love,Don’t take them!”
“I just retired the students.。”
“went well?”
“Unworthy。”Nan Ge put down the book to open,Storage on the table to do decoration,“The first thing that the sand sculpture did not agree,Ah,Then ChairmanQQGive me,Call me3000Request application,Don’t just want me to retreat,Have some overtime……”
“what would you do?”
“I called the application for him.,Apply for me to write backwards。”http://www.jiajao.cn Nano boat。
Zhou Sometimes is really admirable nano。
Organic chemistry is professional,Teacher is also very fierce,Even less lessons,Usually everyone is also very secure,But I don’t know why it’s late self-study, everyone is so extraction.,There is always someone in the light dimming place.。
Nan Ge didn’t speak,Put on the headset。
First small section,Nan Ge went to a toilet,Come back to Zhou:“Why didn’t you play games??He doesn’t have to go to school and don’t have to go to work.,Why do you do it at home??”
“He wants to run business。”
“Oh?Oh, got it。”
Nan Ge sighed,The feeling of connecting is very bad。