“That’s right,I have seen photos.,It’s all right.。I don’t care if I protect you.,I have to do something well.,You can be like the same a few days ago,When I don’t exist。”

Tall man said,He now doesn’t even introduce yourself.。
Who is employer waiting for Chen Linzhi asking,He only said that it is impossible to say,Immediately, you will continue to follow,I don’t know where to touch a little dagger,Returning in the finger。
Take a clean body。
Chen Linzhi walked a road,Every time I can see the guy.。
Just meet neuropathy,Not a good solution,It is always impossible to go to the police to say what I’m idling.,There is no confidence of the other person to drive away。
No matter what,Fortunately, I don’t want to be unfavorable to myself.,Chen Linzhi, who took back a little life,Every time I think this person has tracked for two or three days.,More less feeling。
It’s not really careless.,Normal people who will be full,Going out of the door, I am busy watching around,Look at yourself is not tracked?
Chen Linzhi carefully searched the memory in his head,I thought that I missed something important.。
For example, the details occurred for a while before jail,Or or later, it is not your own personal parents.,Real parents have money,Worried about your own safety。
Just like he can’t understand the first few days ago.,Who is buying a murderer?,Special warning saying that other you can。
Now he doesn’t understand,Who will look for someone to protect myself?,In Chen Linzhi, it seems that it is spending money.,There is the money that is invited to give yourself.,Used to improve life。
Small abdomen,Can’t regret it before it is too impulsive,Take the door,Have been a person。
Now fell,The injured part is very painful,The face is also http://www.discussky.cn lost.,I have a loss outside.。
Before leaving。
The king of the same live,Give Chen Linzhi an address。
Let him do things very simple,Nothing to see how people in the room do,In addition, there is another sentence.。
Behind the early New Year’s restaurant,It’s all old and messy low-tech buildings.,The establishment of the year estimation can be traced back to three or forty years ago,And also negotiated。
Many anti-theft windows full rust,Top covers the broken winding feeding plate,Clothes hanging outside,Sewage directly flows into the roadside ditch,Emit odor。
Such a relatively,Originally Chen Linzhi couldn’t see the Yin Zhenjia,Both become pleasant,Like slum。
Roadside big pot is water,Stall owner gave people to pull the chicken hair,Slightly stack of cardboard http://www.planetflower.cn debris,It seems to be a waste recycling station。
Chinatown is a place that is not valued by San Francisco official,They will go to the black gatherings,But I haven’t heard who will come here.,Attract Asian voters。
Did not seek local Chinese、Southeast Asians,Naturally, there will be no reason for no reason.,Refurnitize all kinds of basic life facilities。
Local hair,It can’t wait to move out of it.,I have a leisurely donation to donate money to do good deeds.,Help to improve the living environment。
As the time goes,Early new year old old,In the middle of the dead cycle,It is also no wonder that the urban development speed is extremely fast.,High-rise ground,A lot of beautiful gardens,Tangren Street has been maintained for half a century ago.。
Once is limited to the drainage bill,Must have to develop here,I haven’t continued to invest in the idea of building the Tangren Street area.,Direct movement is not easier to enjoy high quality life。
Wrought it for a while,Finally through rusting house number,Find the building of Wang Yaotou said。
Large advertisement,Some is very new,Can serve as paint taste。
Many illegal immigrants and new immigrants live here,The wall is not just Chinese and English,Thai、Vietnamese also has。
Climb up,Another room type,I will find the house number.,Chen Linzhi knock on the door。