Vigorously promote the spirit of the Soviet Union to take the path of the new era

Ruijin News (Reporter Qiu Huiqiang correspondent Zhang Zongxing) On November 8th, Wu Zhongqiong, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee, came to Ruijin City to pay tribute to the revolutionary site, remembering the grandfather of the martial art. She emphasized that we must deepen General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the spirit of Jiangxi’s important speech, remembering the retrieval, acting as a trunk, vigorously promoting the spirit of the Soviet area, and walked the new era, let the old people live more happy. Good life. Wu Zhongqiong came to the Ye Ping Revolution’s old site group, and showed a flower basket to the Red Army Martyrs Memorial Tower.

At the old site of "One Su" meeting, Wu Zhongqiong cheered a piece of cultural relics, listening to a touching red story, once again sent a great Soviet Union. Subsequently, Wu Zhongqiong came to the History Museum of the Ruijin Central Revolution, attended the "People’s Republic of China from here – China Soviet Republic History" showcase.

Wu Zhongqiong pointed out that every time I came to Ruijin, I was deeply educated, and it was a baptism of spirit and thought.

Today we look back in the wind and rain of the Chinese Soviet Republic, deeply remember the great achievements of the old generation of proletariat revolutionaries and revolutionary martyrs, which is to continue the red blood, inherit the red gene, and firmly move forward along the General Secretary of Xi Jinping. , Struggle to build a high-quality development demonstration area of ??revolutionary old districts.

The red famous village Zhaoyuan Township Anni Village is the "14th Five-Year Plan" provincial village revitalization. Here, Wu Zhongqiong hurts home, understands the production and life of the villagers, and wish the people’s happiness life sesame. In Tiandong Township, Gon Tong Village, Wu Zhongqiong went deep into the vegetable planting base, walked into the large shack to see small pumpkins, and carefully asked the vegetable industry development and resident support work. When I learned that the special agricultural product brand such as "Kangyuan" has been successfully created, when I absorb nearly 200 people in the poverty, Wu Zhongqiong is affirmed, and everyone encourages everyone to push the party to promote the revitalization of the party, vigorously develop the characteristic industry, and accelerate the building of industrial strengthening villages. Economic village. Wu Zhongqiong also examined the Gaobang Lighting Co., Ltd. She emphasizes that it is necessary to unswerving the maintenance industry, and vigorously implement the industrial multiplication and upgrade action, constantly optimize the business environment, do strong faucet, do large-scale, do branding, doing live marketing, tall the high quality leap-forward industrial spine.