The new urbanization construction site in the province will be held in Meihekou City

Original title: Adhere to people-oriented promotion of high-quality development of new urbanization is a new era of comprehensive revitalization of all-round revitalization. September 8, the province’s new urbanization construction site will be held in Meihekou City, deputy secretary, governor Han Jun attended the meeting and speaking.

He stressed that the spirit of the important instructions of the important speech of General Secretary General Secretary, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government, in depth, in depth, "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy, promote the new urbanization of people-effective core, and focus on promoting agricultural transfer population The citizens, accelerate the cultivation of Changchun Modern City Circle, and vigorously promote the county urbanization, comprehensively improve the level of urban governance system and governance ability, building Yiju, green, innovation, wisdom, civilization, happiness city, in order to promote Jilin Zhenxing in the new era New breakthroughs, speed up the construction of socialist modernization of new Jilin to provide strong support.

Han Jun emphasized that urbanization is the only way to modernize the national modernization. To seize the opportunity to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" implementation plan of Northeast, enhance the sense of urgency of the urgency of the new urbanization, and do a good job in key tasks. Implement industrial development, employment absorption, public service providing and population agglomeration.

First, strengthen industry and employment support.

Adhere to the fusion of the production city, revolve around the industrial revolution, the three trillion industries and cultivation of the new pillar industries in the automotive manufacturing, tourism, agricultural products processing industry and the food industry, and improve the level of urban leading industries. Accelerate the development of county economy, implement "straw change meat" and thousands of beef cattle projects, integrating the "Top Ten Industry Clusters" of Agricultural Products Processing Industry and Food Industry into New Types of Construction.

Attachment of industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthening the construction of employment public service system, building returning home entrepreneurial park, creating more high-quality employment positions, attracting and condense more "Ji people" returning home business, investing in industrial. Second, implement urban update actions to enhance urban function. Accelerate the renovation of old communities, old factory, old blocks, do a good job in environmental and supporting facilities, better meet the needs of mass needs. In-depth implementation of "761" projects, speed up infrastructure construction, improve urban digitization, intelligent level.

The third should comprehensively improve the basic public service level. Accelerate the construction of a new round of public schools, implement the pre-school education action plan, deepen public hospital reform, standardize the development of public services such as education, improve education, and medical care. Improve social security system, dynamic maintenance of social security levels and financial levels and financial resources.

Strengthen the construction of talents such as care workers and teachers, and vigorously develop pension management services. Fourth, it is necessary to continuously improve the level of urban governance.

Scientifically settled urban development borders, expanding urban and rural green space, and resolutely hold environmental safety.

Promote governance and public service resources, enhance the management level of grassroots community. Deepen the "Internet + Government Service" and enhance administrative management efficiency. Five must insist on cracking the problem of urbanization development with reform. Increase the reform, fully release the non-household population into the city to settle down, encourage peasants to buy a house to buy a house. Deepen the reform of rural land system, and do a good job in the construction of national urban and rural integration development test areas in Changji.

To strengthen organizational leadership, highlight planning leads, strengthen pilot demonstrations, strengthen funding guarantees, and promote high quality development of new urbanization.

Before the meeting, the participants inspected the construction of the Meihe New District, the 100,000-ton beer and the new Mei River, the Dream Workplace, the Meihekou City Center Hospital, Northeast Night City, etc., on-site development night economic development, new urbanization construction condition. Wu Jingping, Prince Dian, An Guilu participated in the relevant activities.

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