"To get rich, fruit trees!"

Zhongqiu, windwave rice waves, fruit fragrance, Xing’an League Right, Qi’an League, right front flag Dashizhai Town, Baigu Village, Guanshan Ecological Picking Garden, has ushered in a year of harvest season. Into the orchard, a colorful freshly red sugar heartbeat is covered in green green, and the fruit farmers are busy picking fresh fruits, and the joy of harvest is hung on the face.

Hu Chunping, the villagers living in Samsung Village, Dashizhai Town, picked up fresh fruits in the villagers of cooperatives. Three years ago, under the support of the local government, Hu Chunping has set up a professional cooperative of the agriculture and animal husbandry. It has passed 2000 acres of Shahelin in the Jean Mountain. It was originally holding the mentality of trying. I didn’t expect to work hard. A good year, last year’s sand fruit production reached 300,000 pounds, with nearly 300,000 yuan, driving 61 villagers to increase more than 4,000 yuan. "This year, the rain is good, the quality of Sand Reclaim is better than last year, and the picking of the goods is taken after picking. The rest of the dried fruit processing plant will be sent to the door," Hu Chunping said. Samsung Village is located in the Xing’an Mountains in the south of Xing’an. Since the 1990s, the local government encouraged the villagers to develop forest fruits in the debrils slope. "In our village, get rich, fruit trees! Now there is a fruit tree on the hillside in the village, not only ecology, but the income of the village has also increased, and our family has reached more than 10 million yuan last year.

"Samsung Village is a household-known fruit tree expert Sun Xincheng said that the orchard of his contracted orchard has developed from more than 100 acres of more than 30 acres. It has grown from a single sand fruit tree to more than 30 kinds of fruit trees. Secretary, village Director of the Committee, in Dong Gui, today’s village house, the green trees, the green trees, the mountains, gardens, Samsung village has become a veritable forest fruit professional village. "Every household has fruit trees, the area of ??forest fruit planting area Reaching nearly 10,000 mu, not only the environment is better than before, the days of every household have changed.

"Dong Guicheng said that fruit trees have economic benefits and ecological benefits, green rural, red days.

Since 2008, Dashizhai Town has tight around the flagship committee "adhere to green development, promoting industrial upgrading, realizing the improvement of people’s livelihood", and actively cultivates the "forest fruit + tourism + ecological" industrial integration development new state, after careful, The total area of ??forest fruit trees in Dashizhai Town reached 10,000 mu, of which the forest fruit area reached 10,000 mu, gradually formed a "one core, one, two wings" forest fruit industry overall layout. As the scale continues to expand, the brand has gradually become strong, and Dashizhai Town gradually became a "special forest fruit small town".

Combined with the development of the forest fruit industry, Dashizhai Town has also built a sand fruit tourist station at the Jigshan, 302 National Highway.

"We are ready to further increase investment, transition to high quality, efficient, intensive, scale, etc., driving the ‘small sand fruit’ achieved ‘large industry’, and the large industry has driven economic development." Lu Shuangyong, secretary of the party committee of Da Shizhai Town.

As the golden production area of ??"small apple" such as sandguas, Xing’an League has the advantages of natural environment, planting tradition, planting technology, labor enrichment.

In recent years, Xing’an League attaches great importance to the development of the whole of the entire field. In 2018, "Xing’an League implemented Lin fruit industry production capacity increased 3-year action plan guidance" and "Xing’an League Lin fruit industry subsidy (provisional)", vigorously guided the development of forest fruit industry. Based on the location advantage and resource endowment, Xing’an League is based on the development of "expansion, supporting dragons, hunting technology, creation brand, security, promoting poverty", and vigorously guides the development of forest fruit industry. Gradually make the forest fruit industry a feature industry. At present, Xing’an League has initially formed Dashi Zhai Town, Raise, Right, Russia, and Russian and sideways radiated around 200,000 mu of Sandy Base; with Dongfeng, Tutang Forest Raduo radiated 10,000 acres of crown fruit base The main layout of the Zhanete flag is radiated around 100,000 mu of hazelnut base. The forest fruit planting is 650,000 mu, of which nearly 100,000 mu, the annual fruit production is 400 million pounds, and the output value billion yuan.

There are 6 fruit processing companies, and the annual processing of fresh fruit is more than 100,000 tons. Sand dried, juice, fruit and other products, exported to the northeastern provinces, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia and other places. (Reporter Hu Ji Qigong Na correspondent Li Xue) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.