Since the end of last year, Sichuan Province has introduced a number of "appropriate aging" policies.

  The seventh national census showed that the number of people who lived in Sichuan Province, the number of populations aged 60 and above reached 10,000, accounting for%, and the degree of aging was still deepening.

  In order to make the older life can be more convenient, since the end of last year, the relevant departments of Sichuan Province have introduced a number of "appropriate aging" policies to launch an adultization and improvement. What is the landing situation in these policies? What new demands, new initiatives are there in the process? On October 14, the Double Ninth Festival was concerned, and the reporter conducted a survey to visit the patients around the elderly.

  Seeing a doctor: retain the artificial window to establish a green passage, Sun Changgui’s old man is finished in the hospital clinic, came to the pharmacy, "The old man prioritized the drug window", only two minutes of medicine. In order to facilitate the elderly, the provincial hospital has made many attempts. In addition to the outpatient ward, the hospitalization building pharmacy is specially opened for the 80-year-old old man prioritizing the window, but also setting the "Caring for the Elderly Service Station" in the outpatient hall, to answer the elderly patients and solve the various problems encountered during the treatment. problem.

  There are also many hospitals to work hard to improve the medical experience of elderly patients. On the same day, Zhang Grande, which was inconvenient, was also helped at the consultation desk of the entrance of the Second People’s Hospital of Chengdu. The "Appointment Service Guide Form" provided by the consultation is displayed that Chengdu Second People’s Hospital supports traditional telephone registration and offline registration. In order to retain the artificial service window for the elderly who will not use smartphones, establish a medical green channel.

  In terms of hospitalization, Chengdu Third People’s Hospital deliberately left "green channels" for the elderly, and the illness of the elderly can be given to a certain standard.

  There is also a "sweeping health code admission", which has triggered "the old man’s medical difficult", and also has been resolved under appropriate arrangements.

The reporter visited a number of hospitals to find that the elderly only need to hold an ID card, and they can enter the hospital with the help of the staff. It is understood that these "suitable age" services are implementing various types of medical institutions at all levels in the province. Traffic travel: Set a special channel to retain the artificial service point at 10 am, Chengdu East Railway Station West Plaza’s temperature-measured greenhouse entrance, big speakers repeatedly reminded "Enter the station, please show a healthy green code first." Two elderly people have made difficulties. "There is an ID card.

"The railway staff took the ID card. After quick-name authentication on the computer equipment on the side, the old man passed smoothly.

The staff introduced that the elderly will enter the station as long as the ID card is registered or held by paper prove.

  In the station, there is "Elderly Special Channel", the ticket office has "Seniors special window" selling paper tickets … Chengdu East Railway Station staff Liu Yangmine Elderly people with equipment are helping.

  The Chengdu Dongtong Station adjacent to Chengdu East Railway Station, the bus stop has also set a special channel or artificial service point for the elderly.

  The webmark platform also has a warm heart for the elderly. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Transportation Department Road Transportation Authority, at present, the main webmobile platform operated in our province, such as the drip, Cao Cao, T3, etc., "a button called the car" function, "after real-name certification, The old ages over the age of 70 points to open the software to press the call button to call the car without entering the current positioning and destination address.

"Our province is piloting in Yibin, integrating traffic card in social security card.

At present, the technical docking work has been completed. In the future, the elderly took the upgraded social security card, you can swipe the public transport in the local city, or you can use the city, the equipment, cross-city, and take the city public transport in the transportation card. (Jin Yu reporter Shi Xiaochong Wang Yuling) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].