Wuhan Qikou: Metalative Office of Interest Service Help Expert Office Optimization

"Thanks to the reminder and guidance of government staff, ‘Three certificates" is too convenient! "Ms. Liu, the staff of Hubei Tiancheng Pharmacy Medicine Chain Co., Ltd., to the business license of the company’s new store, from the submission Applying for three business licenses gotting food, drugs, and medical devices, only 4 working days, saved nearly 10 working days than originally separated.

Time and efficiency are the lifeline of the enterprise, "Registration Efficiency is low" "Data Repeated Submit" This kind of evaluation allows the staff of Qikou District Government Affairs Center. In order to protect the growth of enterprises, the Government Affairs Center of the Qikou District is based on the "reduction in time, reduction, mining materials, minus links, and reduction". Promote the "one thing" service, more bold innovation, extends the "One Industry One Certificate" service to 16 industries.

The Qikou District Government Affairs Center opened a joint window this year, launched "I want to open the pharmacy" "I want to open the tea shop" "I want to open the blind massage shop" "Ten taxes" "stock house trading simultaneously over house water", etc. One thing to jointly organize 112 services, 64 of which run on the provincial government online, but also provide online and online services to the corporate masses, to the current unit, which is well received by the enterprise.

At the same time, in restaurants, hotels, bookstores, gym, kindergarten, etc., promote "one industry, one certificate" reform, and reduce the "multi-process multi-process" involved in industry operations to "one process", integrated industry access involves Multiple licenses are a license, and the industry license information is loaded on the industry comprehensive license in the form of a QR code, achieving the "one certificate, one code bright, all the city." In August of this year, Mr. Hu, Wuhan Wei Xin Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. only ran a window in the Government Affairs Center, submitted a set of information, and two major applications for industrial access licenses and corporate business scope. He also received a comprehensive license of the city’s first human resource service industry.

Mr. Hu said that the "One Industry One Certificate" reform not only shortened the time, but also a great convenience of the company’s bidding business.

Qikou District adheres to the mass satisfaction as the first standard, with the first feeling of the company, in order to dredge the plug points in the process of enterprises, vigorously reform, constantly innovate, and fully optimize the business environment, and escort the company. (?) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.