Supervise the quality of escort and high quality of escort

Baiyun District surrounds the center, the overall situation is more gather, and has achieved new progress in the region’s economic and social high quality development in the region.

Keep staring at the regular epidemic prevention and control, doing real epidemic prevention and control supervision, has dispatched 362 people, supervising and inspecting 703 times, and found 230 problems, has completed the rectification; close attention to the "strong provincial meeting" action, doing the performance of the wind effect 112 supervisory tasks, check 80 units 64 people, 5 discovery problems; close attention to the key links, do the real-in-law supervision, to persist in zero-tolerance, zone, township (town), village (community) In exchange for 110 times, it is found that there are 19, and it has been found. It has completed 12 rectification; tightening the key points, and investigates 381 people’s interests in the field of interest, and gives party disciplines, 250 people, involving people’s livelihood funds 4 million yuan, 17 people involved in black and evil corruption and "protective umbrella", 5 people to party discipline; focus on investment promotion, do real business environment supervision, close attention to cadres, special resources, special resources to seek private points, Special rectification supervision.

The role of the patrol sword is more prominent.

Baiyun District surrounds the decisive battle to win the poor to carry out the special patrol of "sector linkage", focusing on the full coverage of the patrol, the "last kilometer", dispatched the patrol group to 99 districts (departments), township (town, street) party organization and 97 A village (community) party organization launched a political patrol, 4,033 patrol discovery issues, completing 3747 rectifications, 286; 697 clues to the problem, 639, is being handled 55. Waves the "second half of the article" around the rectification problem, and 73 units (departments) of the first round of the ninth district committee to the seventh round and the Jiuzhizhi committee decided to win the poverty-attack "sector linkage" special tour. 21 units (departments) Tour feedback on the implementation of the implementation of the supervision and inspection, combing the supervision of the task desk account, 34 questions, have been completed.

Sailing and breaking the waves, and then repeated the thousands of people. Standing at the new starting point, Baiyun District Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs will firmly promote the comprehensiveness of the party, strengthen the supervision and obsection, and always maintain the high-pressure situation of the corruption, continue to rectify the corruption and style of the people, and promote "not dare to rot" , Can not rot, do not want to rot, strategic goals, continue to deepen the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision, strive to build political quality, unparalleled, professionalism, and strong professionalism, dare to be good at struggle, to strive to develop new roads in the "Strong Provincial Association" China Accelerate the construction of the provincial capital city new center to provide strong aggressive supervision and protection.

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