"Electric Vehicle is banned in the elevator" to write into Sichuan local legislation personal illegal will be warned or 500 yuan below 500 yuan

  On October 22, the reporter learned from the Provincial Housing and Construction Department that the "Sichuan Provincial Property Management Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") were written into this Sichuan local legislation in Sichuan Institute of Properties.

  "For a long time, for the owners, the use of people in the public hall, evacuation walkway, etc. in the property service area, or the electric bicycle charging, the owner committee, the property service enterprise, and even the government law enforcement department." "Regulations" drafted Members, Sichuan Provincial Housing and Construction Department, Wu Sanming, said that electric bicycles enter the elevator car, and spontaneously caused spontaneous injured incidents in the closed space, endangering the lives of people.

During the revision of the Regulations, there is a proposed legislation that prohibits electric bicycles from entering the elevator. The drafting group was adequately investigated, and the following behavior was prohibited from increasing the following behavior in the property service area provisions of Article 74 of the Regulations.

  How to deal with the rules? Wu Sanming introduced that if the violation of the regulations, the behavior of electric bicycles in the property service area, the property service person should take reasonable measures to stop according to the provisions of Article 102 of the Regulations, and refuse to correct, property The service person should report and help the relevant department.

According to Article 102, paragraph 2, Article 102, with an elevator car, the fire rescue agency shall be corrected, five thousand yuan or more yuan or more yuan or more, warned or 500 yuan for the individual. fine.

  How to stop in time for the illegal act of "carrying electric bicycles in elevator car"? Wu Sanming said that this requires a comprehensive law enforcement into the community to further keep up. He introduced that Article 96 of the Regulations clearly stipulates that county (city, district) people’s governments should establish and improve property management illegal complaints, report processing systems, and publish the relevant administrative departments in various property services in the administrative region. Responsible for law enforcement matters, contact units, and report calls. The county (city, district) people’s governments relant to the administrative department to receive complaints, reported, and should be treated in time.

(Reporter Zhang Minghai) [Editor: Jiang Yan].