Strips in the feet

Original title: The feet of the mud heart in the field of the people in the fields of Tianshan North, the countryside, production workshops, remote villages, can always see the busy figure of the People’s Congress, they come from the masses, to the masses, and transfer the party’s policies Give the masses, listen to the people’s voice, help the masses to solve difficulties, closely contact the people with practical actions. In July of this year, the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region mobilized and organized a representative of the People’s Congress at all levels to carry out the "100-year brilliant party’s representative of the Wanjia" theme practice activities, further enriched the contents and form of the People’s Congress to contact the people. Better grounding, observe the people, gather, and Huimin students. At present, the general representative of the five-level People’s Congress of the Question of the National People’s Congress is involved in the theme practice activities, listening to and reflecting the proposal of the masses, solving a number of hot hardpices of the masses concerned.

Solving the people’s worries to improve the people of the people, I will be a representative, and I represent the people. Since the event of "10,000 people" activities, the people at all levels at all levels at all levels of Xinjiang have deeply entered the grassroots level, deep into the masses, and actively perform their duties, and strive to solve the problem of "rush to expectations". "Thanks to the representative of Ai Nun, my work has been falling, and life has a guarantee.

"On November 8th, the residential residential residential residential residential residents of Shayibak District, Urumqi City said.

Representative of the National People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, General Manager of Urumqi Aiki Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., learned that the Bahargola’s husband lost labor capacity due to illness, and nearly 2,000 yuan per month. There are still a few children in the family need to take care of it, and the heavy burden presses her breathing.

To this end, Ayan is arranged to work in the company that he opened, and has 3,000 yuan per month.

Ai Nuo also enables 150 people to be employed at home by actively carrying out the "sending skills, send position" activities.

"It is the responsibility of solving difficulties for the masses, and is the responsibility of each people’s representative.

"Aiuna said. The people ‘s heart is the concern of the representative of the People’s Congress.

Representative of the People’s Congress of the Tooth Town, Kuqiu City, the secretary of the Party branch of the Saha Town Health Center, and the Ji Youbu, engaged in medical work for more than 20 years, often sent to the countryside. With a rest time, the medical staff will be fixed once a day, and the village will provide basic public health services for the villagers for free, so that the villagers will take medicine at home, "move" to the villagers, and solve some people in the villagers. problem. The general secretary of Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the publicity of the public, "continuously developing the people’s democracy". The National People’s Congress represents a party and the government, and he has fully listened to the proposal of the people, and promotes the concerns of the people’s concern, and is the vivid manifestation of the people’s democracy in the process.

Some animal husbandry sites in the Town of Bunde Town, Yan County, in the event of extreme weather, and the livestock is seriously affected. Due to the unusual communication signal, the disaster herders cannot contact the outside world, and herders reflect strong. And the representative of the Yixian People’s Congress, the secretary of the party branch in Bourn Town, Ben Date, Kasuka, after visiting herds, promptly solving the problem of weak problems in remote mountain communication signals, and the voice of the grassroots Reflect it to the relevant department. After receiving the case, the relevant departments made a planning of telecom operators to ensure that they will be constructed as soon as possible next year to meet the needs of herders. And Yixian’s representative "home, room, station" representative "home, room, station", organized representatives to launch contact with mass activities in the nearly concentrated, and timely understanding and collecting opinions on employment, education, medical, housing, and pensions.

Since the event, the representatives of the NPCs will transfer 82 pieces of the proposal, involving agricultural production, transfer employment, medical security, housing safety, etc., accumulating a good job, 197 disassembling things, investing in more than 23 million yuan, benefiting the people accumulated More than 10,000 people. Ji Mu Saar County Daixiang Town People’s Congress rely on the "People’s Representative", further improved the "representative of visit days" system, take the way to visit, the theme party day activities, etc. Suggestions for people’s livelihood improvements and promptly transferred to all levels of government. Since this year, the representatives of the National People’s Congress at all levels have visited more than 10,000 people, collecting 36 social situation, collecting 42 difficulties, and a number of hot difficulties for a group of people have been resolved. Zhu Haibing, Chairman of the People’s Congress of Dafa Town, said it will continue to enrich the contents and form of the People’s Congress to contact the people, using the representative work platform, to closely contact the people to create conditions.

At the grassroots, the representatives of the gathering, the representatives of the grounding gas, are both the "spokesperson" of the people. It is also the "transmitter" of the party’s policy advocate, and through the form of the people who are happy, the party’s policy is constantly enhanced, and the people of the whole people are all kind. Listen to the party’s words, and the firm is determined to go.

The representatives of the People’s Congress from all levels of the Shanshan District of Karamay have given the advantages of the people, the root of the people, through the in-depth grassroots, and carry out the representative group activities, "national unity,", "interactive" preaching, "visiting "Salary language, etc. Toy Khan Town, Wenmotian County, in order to promote the "toilet revolution", and actively mobilize representatives of the People’s Congress actively serve as health propagandists.

In the past, the masses are afraid of spending money, fear of labor, afraid of speffinity, thinking that they do not change toilets without changing the concept, the representative of the People’s Congress is actively guided, vigorously promotes health and health, anti-disease, default knowledge, and toilet, The importance of environmental remediation.

"Through the preaching of the representative of the People’s Congress, I realized that the toilet is closely related to our lives, and will actively cooperate with the toilet work." Toy Khan Town resident Akbjar Danny said. The micro-evaluation is highly promoted to the masses. The General Secretary of the Central People’s Congress is emphasized in the Central People’s Congress. It is necessary to enrich the contents and form of the people to contact the people.

Close to contact the people is the basic merits of the People’s Congress on behalf of the law, and it is also the basic requirement of "the people choose me as a representative, I am representative as the people". "Hundred Years of Brilliant Party Residents Representative" The theme Practice of Wanjia ", highlights a" entry "word, that is, walk into the people, it is the close contact with the people, it is the close contact with the people.

Close contact the masses are our party’s largest political advantage, and maintain the party’s flesh and blood in the party is an eternal topic. The representative of the People’s Congress should practice the basic skills of the masses, must fall into the body, go deep into the masses, and practice the skills. Practice closely contact the basic skills of the masses, often go deep into the grassroots, listen to what the masses are most concerned, what is the most worry, treat the masses as a relative, think about the masses, urgent people.

Form a proposal recommendation with the problems reflected by the masses. We must pay attention to feel that the people are warm and warm, and they are interested in the masses, and effectively improve the targeted and effectiveness of the proposal proposal. Practice closely contact the basic skills of the masses, we must fully understand the responsibilities of the shoulders, consciously stand in the position of the people to think about problems, advise, countermeasures, to maintain and develop the fundamental interests of the people as the starting point and the foothold of the representative duties .

Keep in mind that the people’s interests are not small, from the relationship between the people’s personal interests, collect problems one by one, one analysis, a piece of resolution, and constantly improve the level of the People’s Congress to perform according to law.

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