[Sixth Plenary Session in the Grassroots] Fujian Trade Union: Promote private enterprises to the "corporate reform" in the relevant selection and commendation

A few days ago, Fujian Province held a total of all cadres’ meetings to convey the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party.

"We must have a new glory in the effort in the power of workers." Liang Jianyong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress, pointed out that "the province’s trade unions must close around the target tasks and ‘fourteen The five ‘period, major strategies, major projects, major projects, key industries, pragmatic promotion of industry workers’ team construction reform, organizing industrial workers promoting high-quality development transcendence, struggling to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries in Fujian. "" Under the guidance of the spirit of the Plenary, there is a wide range of departures for various forms of labor and skills competitions, mass innovation activities; in-depth implementation of employee quality construction projects, and do a series of "corporate reform" such as "peasant work" service brand. The initiative is accelerating in Fujian. The private economy is the "corporate reform" in Fujian. "How to build a political status of the party construction and improve the industry workers" "How to strengthen the training of employee skills, improve the quality of the staff of the private enterprise", "How to implement diversified assessment evaluation, will evaluate the results and salary treatment, position hunting and other organic bonds" … … to promote the spirit of the Plenary, promote the "product reform" to land in private enterprises. Recently, Fujian Province held a team building reform symposium for private enterprises in private enterprises, inviting labor model, first-line employee representative, private enterprise union cadres, and jointly reform "The situation is combed, planning to further promote the road map of reform. It is reported that Fujian Provincial General Plan advances private enterprises into the "corporate reform" into the relevant selection and honor, concentrated power, and concentrate on accelerating the "corporate reform" of private enterprises.

The Division of the Division of the Fujian will also increase the exemplary efforts of the "product reform" demonstration in different types of private enterprises, and encourage private enterprises to undertake the main responsibility of skills and talents, based on the production of actual construction workers’ skill training base, and create for employees. Better conditions.

In addition, Fujian will also improve the supporting policy to promote private enterprises to implement the treatment of technical workers, and motivate more industry workers, especially youth generations, skills, and skills.

"Promoting the construction of a private enterprise industry worker team is significant for all-round high-quality development significance, and is an important political responsibility that Fujian trade union must shoulder.

"The Secretary of the Party Group of Fujian Province, the vice chairman, said" "will transform the spirit of the Plenary Session into the vivid practice of promoting the work of trade unions," in the center of the central service overall, new contributions in the organization mobilization service workers, in promoting the trade union The comprehensive improvement of the new weather in the work is fully affected, and the new level of the province work is fully promoted to the intensive action.