Doctor hand teaches diabetes patients scientifically eat fruit

I didn’t eat watermelon for 20 years. I didn’t eat watermelon 75-year-old Shouxing. I would like to try the doctor’s hand. How do you scientifically eat the fruit? 75 years old Liu Uncle’s birthday, the children ask him to have any wish, he said that because of diabetes dare not eat sweets, it has not been 20 years I have a watermelon, I don’t know what it is tasteful, especially if I want to eat, even if I eat it. Children should be tangled, should you meet the wishes of the old father? Can diabetic patients eat sweets? Will you eat sweets? On December 9, Shenyang Evening News, Shen Daily interviewed Gan Yu, director of Shenyang Seventh People’s Hospital, Director of Shenyang City. She said that diabetic patients can eat fruits such as watermelon and other sugar content, but the time and amount of time and quantity have to be taken, if diabetes patients eat 100 grams of fresh fruit, the overall mortality can fall by 17%.

  Puzzle: Dad’s birthday is willing to let the children have tangled Liu Dai’s diabetes for 20 years. For his father’s health, the children strictly control his diet, drinks, fruits, beer and other sugar food drinks never let the father touch. When Liu Dawa passed the 75-year-old birthday, the children asked him if he had a wish, he thought of saying: "I haven’t eaten watermelon for 20 years, I don’t know what it is taste, especially I want to eat, even if you eat.

"Children are entangled, should you meet the wish of your father? The children have consulted the doctor, and the answer is you can eat, but how to eat.

  View: Can diabetic patients can scientifically eat watermelon? Gan Yu said: "Patients with diabetes can eat watermelon, because watermelon contains low sugar, but must be eaten in the case of blood sugar.

"Gan Yu said that in the premise of blood sugar control, it guarantees fruit intake, which will control blood glucose to control blood sugar, reducing complications for some diabetic patients.

In general, blood glucose control in diabetic patients is relatively smooth (extraterritorial less than 7, less than 10 after meals, and the glycated hemoglobin is less than 7), which can eat fruit.

The time to eat fruit should be between the two meals, usually around 10 o’clock and 15 o’clock. So, what is the standard for the fruit? Gansu said, must eat fruits with low sugar content and relative blood glucose generation index slightly lower.

Fruits contain a lot of nutrients, including vitamins, dietary fibers are necessary. Data: Eating fresh fruit can reduce mortality Gansu said that diabetic patients also require nutritional balance.

Some medical studies have shown that patients with fresh fruits, blood glucose control will be better. If diabetic patients eat 100 grams of fresh fruit a day, the overall mortality can decrease by 17%, coronary heart disease and stroke risk reduced by 13%, and the risk of incidence of eye disease is also reduced by 28%. Inventory: Which fruit diabetes can eat Gansu, cherry, plums, watermelon, honey pomelo, apple, lemons can eat, because these fruits have low sugar content. Mid-sugar contents are: bananas, pomegranate, melon, grapefruit, lychee, mango, if diabetes patients eat, the amount must be small. Fruits having a high sugar content include: dry jujube, persimmon, raisins, apricots, longan, hawthorn, etc., the blood sugar of the human body is very large, and patients with diabetes cannot eat.

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