Hong Kong students have the opportunity to talk directly to the China Space Station astronauts

  Hong Kong December 7 (Wei Huadu) China Space Station "Tiangong Classroom" Space Leading Activity will be held on December 9, the Hong Kong Shuqiao Academy has a classroom, at which approximately 300 teachers and students will attend, The man is interacting in the world.

  The Hong Kong Faigang Academy held a press conference on the 7th that scientific experiments will begin at 2:40 pm on the 9th, the main classroom of China Science and Technology Museum, and Guangxi Nanning Science and Technology Museum, Sichuan Wenchuan County First Primary School, Hong Kong The Hiqiao Academy, 4 points in the Macao Science Pavilion, and scientific experimental classes together. Hong Kong’s classroom will organize more than 30 primary school students. Under the leadership of the teacher, use the mechanic and identification system to allow students to simulate valuable ore on the moon and conduct space mining activities. Students need to use programming knowledge to complete the task, take this opportunity to exchange learning with other classroom students.

  China Space Station "Tiangong Classroom" Space Teaching begins at 3:40 pm on the same day, lasting about 60 minutes.

In addition to the participation of approximately 150 teachers and students in the Human Academy of China, Hong Kong is also invited from 150 teachers and students from more than ten schools in Hong Kong.

  At that time, Shenzhou No. 13 passenger staff Qi Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu conducted space taking space in China Space Station, which was carried out in terms of heaven and earth.

They will introduce the Chinese space station in the country and students of all venues in the country, and they will carry out space cytology research experiments with students, space turns, buoyancy disappeared experiments, water film tension experiment, water polo optical experiments and effervescent tablets After that, there is a more question and answer, so that Hong Kong students have the opportunity to talk directly to astronauts.

  The Hong Kong Human Academy said that space lectures have helped Hong Kong students to understand the development and achievements of the country in the aerospace sectors, enhance interest in science and aerospace technology, and enhance national identity.