68 psychological counsel volunteers "solve the problem" online

"There are ten days old, and the head is bored. If you can’t help, you will call you, we are the psychological guidance of the new era Civilization Practice Center!" On the morning of August 17th, Zhangzhou City A sealing community card point in the district, volunteers often shouted in the community isolated from the warning line.

"As a psychological vulnerability, today is the 12th time to sink to the sealing community to carry out psychological counseling.

"Chang Shuguang tells the author. It is reported that since the beginning of the abundance prevention and control, Cangzhou City has to further strengthen management, thoroughly block the possibility of viral spread, and implement a closed-loop in some high-risk areas. manage.

In daily management, in addition to meeting the living materials needs of these community residents, how to alleviate the anxiety emotions of these residents, have also become a problem that the volunteers of the serving community needs to consider.

After investigation, the Cangzhou New Times Civilization Practice Center combines the actual situation of the current sealing community, developed psychological volunteer service activities, Guangsheng Heroes, and recruited psychological counselor and mental health instructions in just 3 days. Expert team volunteers totaled 68 people.

Put on the red vest, this group of volunteers run in Zhangzhou’s sealing community, community, streets and villages, with professional knowledge soothing card points staff and masses.

Some people are still isolated, can’t face their psychological counseling, volunteers exchange, where the phone, the WeChat mode is online, where is the red vest of the volunteer, there is no. During the psychological counseling process, they are not only volunteers, but also the media contradictory mediator, the counselor of students’ education, the presenter’s presenter’s preliminary responsibility, and should address the various psychological needs of the masses. "There is a masses reflected that this epidemic is not a child’s marriage, and it is anxious! Our psychological counselor will listen carefully, patiently explain the current epidemic situation, and relieve their feelings of their hearts." Volunteer Li Yun Yan said. "There’s still housewives called, my husband went to work in the township, hungry in the prevention and control point, I can’t get home, I have a child in the community, I can’t go.

The child is not good at home, always playing mobile phones, I want to lose my temper. Our volunteers suggest this mother, spend 30 minutes in the afternoon, together with wooden house, tall, skipping competition, etc. Li Yun Yan tells the author, during the psychological diversion, there are still many cases like this.

Up to now, Cangzhou New Era Practical Civilization Center has organized 12 times to Shen Zhuni, more than 580 people participated in action, sinking the sealing zone 398 times, through professional psychological knowledge, patience listening and mediation, for the current The epidemic prevention and control work injected into the "heart" power.

(Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Han Yuyi Li Weibin Contributed) (Editor: Hou Linlin, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.