First observation | Earth’s life community, why become United Nations Forum "Key Word"

  On October 12, 202, President Xi Jinping attended the "Chairman of the Biological Diversity Convention" Leaders’ Summit and issued the title "jointly constructing the Earth Life Community".

He pointed out that the international community should strengthen cooperation, and our heart is thinking, and it has been to make it to build a global community.In the past year, in the United Nations, Chairman Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the construction of people and the natural life community, the earth’s life community, and became the "China Voice" of the vibration and sentiment, which was widely recognized by the international community.The world of the crossroads: In this chairman of Xi Jinping, Chairman Xi Jinping, President Xi Jinping, 3 times mentioned "Earth Life Community", and mentioned "Earth Home".

  I have something to call, I have something to do.

The world is in a crossroads. The fifth edition of the "Global Biodiversity Prospect" issued by the Secretariat of the Biological Diversity Convention pointed out that biodiversity is losing at an unprecedented speed, but it has caused various stress in which it is intensified. In the face of human thinking about the Earth’s home, President Xi Jinping draws Chinese programs in the United Nations. On September 30, 2020, President Xi Jinping pointed out in the United Nations Biodiversity Summit that people and nature are the fate community. We have to work together to work together, protect in development, develop in the protection, and build a harmonious beautiful home. On September 21, 2021, Xi Jinping President Xi Jinping stated that in Beijing, attended the seventy-sixth United Nations General Assembly general debate and made an important speech, improved global environmental governance, actively responding to climate change, constructing people and the natural life community.

  The voice of China, from the heart, direct to the hearts.

  Protecting the earth home, we must improve global governance, practice real multilateralism, strengthen the role of the United Nations, and build a common future in the future generations.

  At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still raging globally, and human society has been deeply changed. The world enters the new turmoil period.

In the face of the world’s question, Xi Jinping Chairman Xi Jinping replied to the era under the times with confidence, courage, and reputation. President Xi Jinping emphasized that we must strengthen the unity and fight, let development results, good ecology more costly benefits and the people of all countries, and build the world’s common development.

  People and Qingshan two are not negative: use the golden key of human high-quality development in the 12th speech, President Xi Jinping made a four-point initiative, the first is: the construction of ecological civilization is leading, coordinator and nature.

We have to solve the contradictions brought by industrial civilization, restrict human activities within the limits of the ecological environment, and integrate the lakes of lagooms and lakes and systemal governance. Dialectical reflection on industrial civilization is a big proposition.

  In the past, industrial civilization often focuses more attention to development, regardless of the ability of natural ecology.

Engels said: "Don’t intertwined in our human beings to nature.

For every victory, nature retaliates. "On September 30, 2020, President Xi Jinping emphasized that industrial civilization has created huge material wealth, but also brought biodiversity loss and environmental damage ecological crisis. Ecological civilization is human social progress Major results.

Humans have experienced the original civilization, agricultural civilization, industrial civilization, and ecological civilization are the products that are developing into a certain stage of industrial civilization, and is a new requirement for human and natural harmonious development. "When human friendship is natural, the natural return is generous; when human beings are rough, the natural punishment is also ruthless." President Xi Jinping was at the leaders of the leader of the Convention on Biological Diversity Convention. This expression is highly recognized by the representative. Ecological civilization is an important connotation in the new form of human civilization, which is a good medicine for solving the drawbacks of industrial civilization. Chinese excellent traditional culture, including Confucian thinking, has an important enlightenment to solve the problem of contemporary human beings. Today’s world, facing the double task of restoring the economy and protecting the environment, let the ecological advantages into development advantages, making green water green hills to promote economic development and environmental protection win-win.

  Protecting the ecological environment is to protect productivity, and improve the ecological environment is to develop productivity.

Good ecological environment is both natural wealth and economic wealth. These scientific anals are a major development of productivity theory. Knowing: Building a Community Call for 12th, Xi Jinping, Chairman Xi Jinping, announced in the main point of view: China will take the lead in funding 1.5 billion yuan, set up Kunming Biodiversity Fund, support developing country biodiversity protection; China It officially established the first national park in Sanjiangyuan, Giant Panda, Northeast Tiger Leopard, Hainan Tropical Rainforest, Wuyishan; vigorously develop renewable energy, accelerate planning construction of large wind power photovoltaic base projects in desert, Gobi, desert area, first phase of installed Projects with a capacity of about 100 million kW have been started in the near future … This series of major initiatives resonate all parties.

  China is calling, China is in action.

The international community heard the Chinese program and saw China’s responsibility and realized Chinese wisdom.

  More than a year ago, at the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, President Xi Jinping put forward four suggestions on how the United Nations played a role, a keyword is "focusing action", emphasizing "can’t take the medicine, no curative effect".

  Most of the most abundant countries in global biodiversity, most of them are placed in the global macro framework in the global macro framework, and pay more attention to promoting and protecting the right to surviveness and development, which is always China’s firm position. How to promote biodiversity protection, and further achieve poverty reduction while protecting the ecological environment, is an important issue in the Fifteenth Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

China’s experience shows that combining poverty alleviation and development and ecological construction, green water Qingshan exchanged Jinshan Yinshan.

  "We want to worry about the direction of good life, to protect the environment, develop economy, create employment, eliminate poverty, etc., enhance the people of all countries, happy, safe.

Xi Jinping Chairman said. This is full of natural feelings, but also full of the world. "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" has been translated into a variety of languages, this simple discourse has become the keyword of the construction of the Earth’s Life Community. Production: Zhao Chengmens: Zhang Xudong, the main pen: Wang Li Bin, Dear Coordination: Zou Wei, Wang Wei, Dong Jun Vision | Editor: Yang Wenrong, Bao Yinhan, Zhu Gaoxiang Xinhua News Agency produced Xinhua News Agency First Studio.