Hangzhou Shangcheng innovation state release new consumption vitality

Original title: Shangcheng innovation state release new consumption vitality in the lakeside street, "Lake Shangli Living Hall", go to the Qinghefang Pedestrian Street to visit the creative market, to the majority of the big comprehensive vision store! Yesterday (May 1st) is On the first day of "May 1" small holiday, Hangzhou Shangcheng Many shopping centers, pedestrian streets, scenic spots, etc. Innovative tourism business consumption model, launching new scenes that make sense, and pull new consumption.

  Shangcheng District has a lakeside business district, Qianjiang New City Business Circle, Wushan Commercial Circle 3 major business districts and Hubin Pedestrian Street, Qinghefang Street, Cross Golden Street and other well-known commercial blocks, gathered in Vientiane City, Raffles, Hangzhou Building 501, Lakeside Yintai IN77 and other commercial complexes.

  From Yesterday (May 1st), Shangcheng launched the first Golden Day, namely commercial blocks, complex, automobile 4S shop, brand restaurant in the jurisdiction, and launched a month to promote consumption activities. At the same time, relying on the key business circle of Lake Bin Chamber, Qianjiang New City Business Circle, Wushan Business Circle, etc. Enjoy the five major themes in Shangcheng, and the group will serve the citizens ‘tourists’ feast. During the Golden Day, in the Shangcheng Many small commercial neighborhoods and integrases, they can encounter high-quality cultural activities such as concerts, Kunqu performances, and national geographic exhibitions. There are also fairy troops, joyful parasses, tropical rainforests, creative markets. Leisure activities, fashion, but also smoke. On the evening of May 1st, in the Hubin intersection of Pinghai Road, it was adjacent to the Hangzhou West Lake Music Fountain. A "Lake Shangli Living Hall" attracted many tourists to stop.

Tourists from Anhui Zhang Yixin said: "On the side of the West Lake, enjoy the beauty of the beautiful piano while listening to the beautiful piano solo, it feels very pleasant, and very romantic.

"The piano concert like this will stage two games every day during the" May 1 "small holiday.

According to data monitoring, as of 20:30 yesterday (May 1st), the peak of the instantaneous traffic in Hubin Pedestrian Street is about 10,000.

  In terms of the complex, May 1st International Fan Wanxiang City Luxemporium Ruijin Shangjia brings 400 international luxury brands to settled, luxury and trend shiny collision, online graphic live broadcast attracted nearly 30,000 people.

  It is reported that 18 key commercial complexes in Shangcheng, in the Jinwei District also links supermarkets, community business, professional markets to launch clothing, beauty, home, daily necessities and other discounts and full reduction activities. In addition, it will also bring a collection of urban specialty food and drink, bringing a new consumption model to the citizens’ visitors.

  "We highlight the integration of travelers, online interaction, combined during the day, collect shopping, catering, cars, casual night entertainment, etc., carry out colorful promoting consumption activities and citizens’ interactive experience activities, to attract popularity, retain tourists. "The relevant person in charge of Shangcheng District Bureau of Commerce, according to data monitoring, as of Yesterday (May 1st) 18, Qianjiang New City Business Circle Cross Golden Street is more than 160,000, including 50,000 traffic The rest of the people, the sales of peaceful Yuefang increased by 30% year-on-year, showing the consumer atmosphere and fashion vitality of Shangcheng.

(Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).