Do you want to eat dairy products every day?

  There are a lot about this problem, and some people think it will be eaten, because it is conducive to calcium, but also increases the protein supply.

But some people think that there is no need to eat, because there are research results, calcium supplementation is not good for prevention of osteoporosis.

Some people also saw that there were literature reports, and more dairy products were easily fractures, and even heard the scientific press said that calcium supplements will recruit heart disease.

  These words are very confusing, in fact, the truth is not so subtle. First, because of the dietary habits, epidemiological survey data made in the United States and Europe is not necessarily applicable in China; secondly, more eating in foreign research, and we think that more, the quantity is likely to be far away.

  The average dietary calcium intake of Chinese people is 400 mg.

Even with extra drinking a catty of milk (about 500 mg), or taking calcium containing calcium tablets, only 900 mg, far from 1400 mg of this amount of harmful place to the heart. For the elderly, it is important to eat enough protein to maintain muscles. The muscles are attenuated, and people are more likely to fall fractures. There have been countless research suggest that whey in the milk is good for maintaining muscles, and casein is also helpful. A recent new nutritional intervention study published on BMJ found that at least for the elderly, it is good enough to eat calcium and protein. The researchers divided the 86-year-old elderly into two groups, a group of control groups, a group of nutrition intervention groups. The so-called nutritional intervention is to change the food of the subject or supplement a certain nutrient.

  The study started testing, the two groups of old people did not lack vitamin D. However, the protein intake of the old people is a bit small. The calcium intake per day is 700 mg, and the protein intake is 58 grams. Compared with the control group, the elderly in the nutritional intervention adds half a catty milk every day, plus 20 grams of cheese or 100 gram yogurt.

In this way, their calcium intake daily increased to 1142 mg, and the protein intake increased to 69 grams. Two years of past, comparing the fall risks of the two groups of elderly people, fracture risks and hip fractures, and found that increased calcium and protein intake, significantly manifestation: bone density is slightly improved, falling risk reduced by 11% The risk of fracture is reduced by 33%, and the risk of hip fracture is reduced by 46%. According to the current research information, what is the calcium of milk, my understanding is this: 1. Add a glass of milk (or corresponding calcium content of yogurt, milk powder, etc.) to reach 800 mg of calcium incident per day Not only increases protein, calcium and vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin A, vitamin K supply, but also beneficial to cardiovascular health. 2. Elderly should pay particular attention to ensuring calcium and protein intake.

Whether it is milk, yogurt or cheese, eat dairy products every day, which is good for maintaining muscle health, and helps to prevent falls and fractures. 3. If you have problems such as milk, chronic allergies, drink milk is easy to acne or have other adverse reactions, then avoid eating dairy products, but add other food such as soy products (tofu, water tofu, tofu Thousands, et al. 4. If you drink milk, you can easily flatulence, diarrhea, you can choose yogurt.

Yogurt is easy to digest and absorb, and the utilization rate of calcium is also very high (lactic acid is conducive to mineral absorption). Among the yogurt, it is recommended to choose a variety of sugar-containing varieties (100 grams of carbohydrate content below 12 grams, or less). Those who are thin and indigestion can also choose cheese to replace milk.

  5. If you really don’t like the taste of milk, it feels too cold in winter, you can consider mixing milk / milk powder / cheese and other foods.

  The food practice of milk is recommended as follows: Recommendation to eat 1. Add milk to all kinds of food, use milk to replace the water to knead the dough, delicious and nutritious. Recommended to eat the method 2. Add milk or milk powder to the hot rice porridge, hot oatmeal, hot soup, hot corn paste, strengthen breakfast nutrition. Recommended to eat 5. Add milk to hot tea or hot coffee, as a delicious drink.

  Recommendation to eat 5. Plug the cheese into the bread, taro, pie, etc. If your breakfast is not greasy, there is no fritter, and the oil cake has no fat, but the break is added 20 grams of cheese, and it will not cause obesity.

  Recommendation 5. Use skim milk to replace the water to steamed the egg tart, the taste is not significantly changed, but the calcium and protein will be more. Just really want to get the nutrients, you can always find delicious and convenient to eat! Text / Fan Zhihong (the chief expert of the Chinese Nutrition Society, China Branch co-hit the chief expert).