Anqing 72 urban and rural compulsory education unified

On November 12th, the Anqing City Teacher Bureau issued the "Implementation Plan on Deepening the Construction of Urban and Rural Education and Promoting Rural Education". The city has set up 72 urban and rural compulsory education complexes to cover 104 rural schools.

Through multiple co-construction sharing measures, we will fully promote the quality and balanced development of basic education, and help rural education revitalization.

A total of urban and rural education consortium is the phenomenon of cracking compulsory education "rural areas", promoting the quality of running schools in rural schools, promoting the important starting of urban and rural schools.

To this end, Anqing City selected 72 compulsory education phases to help the school and 104 to help the rural school, adopted "one-on-one" "one-to-many" mode to build a total of 72 urban and rural compulsory education units, Among them, 33 urban education complexes, 39 county education complexes.

72 urban and rural compulsory education joints will adopt the "Building, Party Construction, Teaching, Teacher Sharing, Teaching and Research, Teachers and Miscelisia, Resource Mutual Enjoy" to fully promote the construction of shared sharing, common development, strive to pass 3 By the 5 years, the characteristic brand of education to help rural revitalization.

In terms of construction, the school is intercounted to the school’s annual mid-level cadres exchange learning, participating in the day-to-day management of the school; at least one consolidated school cadres study exchange activities. Aspects of teachers, arrange backbone teachers to go to the school to send education, through the form of class, demonstration teaching, organizing teaching and research, etc., to arrange teachers to fight for schools, participate in class management, school-based teaching and research; encourage Teachers jointly carry out various types of education and teaching activities, build a teaching team and a teacher studio. In terms of teaching and research, select excellent teachers and discipline leaders, form joint teaching and research workshops, organize quality courses, topics research, etc. Discussion on the study of the field.

In terms of visiting, teachers and students, through joint communication, sports competitions, the students participate in the form of the art festival, sports games, enrich the cultural exchange of inter-school teachers and students. In terms of resource intervals, we will provide the necessary teachers’ guidance to the school teacher and student open library, functional classroom, sports venue, school and foreign practice base, provide the necessary teacher guidance; use the Internet and other modern information technology means through joint teaching resources library , Carry out online teaching and research, synchronize the implementation of academic monitoring, carry out special lectures, etc., strengthen online exchange learning, and achieve effective sharing and integration of distance education teaching resources.

According to the program, the competent parties of the local education department should combine the quality and balanced development needs of the compulsory education, and put some of the short boards and outstanding problems in the development of the school. As the joint construction of this urban and rural school, build the direction of work and gravity of urban and rural education universities. Implementing project management and planning management of co-construction work, opening up the "last kilometer" to build cooperation, take strong measures to improve the quality of weakened schools, and promote the development of rural schools, and realize the cooperation of urban and rural schools.

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