A Asian woman in Spain is suspected of being seriously injured from the third floor.

China New Network January 15th According to the Spanish Opal Wave Network, the local time is about 1 am, and the city of Barcelona in Barcelona, ??Spain. An oriental woman is suspected of being pushed down from the third floor of the high-house house, and the body is seriously fractured. He is seriously injured.

Some residents reflected that falling women are a Chinese woman, but the official did not disclose the woman’s identity, only the victim is an Asian woman. A number of Spanish media reported that this may belong to the crime of the crime of gender violence. The media unanimously mentioned the victim as an Asian woman, and some readers said that the victim was a Chinese woman. The Barcelona police have arrested a Polish man after the incident, preliminaryly, this Poles have violently attacked the woman.

At present, the police also survey whether the victim is pushed downstairs by the Polish man.

According to reports, at 1 o’clock in the morning of the 13th, the accident occurred in a residential house in the Ciutatdevella area of ??Barcelona.

The Barcelona Emergency Rescue Center received a call from the residents, saying that some people fall from the floor to the courtyard, and the injury is very serious.

After the rescue team arrived, it was found that the injured was a very serious fracture of an Asian woman, the head and the body. Preliminary survey showed that the woman fell from the third floor of a residential unit dropped downstairs. Subsequently, the Barcelona police arrested a polish man who was associated with the case to determine that the Poles attacked the victim in the house, and it is very likely that the Polish attacked the woman, causing women to fall or directly Fallen patio. Some residents reflected that the woman falling to a Chinese woman, but the official did not reveal the identity of the woman, only the victim was an Asian woman.

Currently, it is not clear that the relationship between the attacker and the victims. The police also conducted a proceedings of the case and suspected that the Poles attacked the woman and pushed it from the three-way window.

According to the Western Media, this case may be a new gender violence, but from the current information, given a non-spouse, partner or family relationship between the attacker and the victim, may not be included in the category of gender violence ( The difference is that gender violence belongs to a crime. However, the Barcelona police believe that it is possible to qualify for gender violence.

Previously, Spain’s Supreme Court proposed a qualitative discussion of sexual violence against genderism. It is recommended to submit any violent crimes against women to gender violence through legislation.

Editor: Liu Jinpeng.