Handan Guangping County held a press conference on the fourth epidemic prevention and control work

  On April 26, the Press Office of the People’s Government of Guangping County held a press conference on the fourth epidemic prevention and control work, and reported the relevant situation of the prevention and control of the epidemic in the new crown pneumonia in Guangping County. At 00:00 on April 25th to 24:00, 4 asymptomatic infections were added in Guangping County, all of which were detected at the isolation point. All have been controlled in order in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control. Tune, concentrate all the tracked and sub -dense connections.

  At the meeting, Jiang Yanbo, deputy county head of the People’s Government of Guangping County, introduced the current specific measures for prevention and control of the epidemic. Nucleic acid detection is advanced.

Since the control, in accordance with the principles of inspection, not leaking one household, and one person, it has strengthened propaganda mobilization, strengthened the launch of the organization, and rationally set up sampling points. Carry out the detection of whole nucleic acid, and earnestly discovery and disposal early, and strive for valuable time to control the epidemic.

  The yellow code hospital is quickly enabled. In accordance with the construction standards of the yellow code hospital, quickly determine and transform the Guangping Town Health Center. At the same time, it requested the support of municipal hospitals to select medical experts in the help belt to enrich the treatment of medical treatment.

From April 25, the yellow code hospital has been opened and announced to the society.

  Party members’ services are carried out in depth. Cumulative 927 party members and cadres of agencies go to the communities and villages to assist in doing good information registration, nucleic acid testing, order maintenance, material distribution, personnel reservation, duty on duty, and other work. Control the front line. The disinfection and disinfecting are fully advanced.

A total of 825 anti -killing teams, 4,080 disinfection personnel, a cumulative disinfection area of ??14.2 million square meters, completing the endless disinfection of positive personnel and all activity venues. At the same time, the county’s environmental environment was cleaned and cleaned, the number of cleaning people was dispatched, 310 vehicles were cleaned, 1,800 tons of garbage were cleared, 16,000 cubic meters of debris were cleaned, and a solid barrier to prevent and controlled the epidemic.

  Strengthen emergency materials.

Strengthen the reserve of medical materials and living materials, medical masks, medical protection clothing, medical isolation masks, nucleic acid testing agents, disinfection and anti -kill preparations, etc. can meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, we will make every effort to ensure that the county’s meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other essential supplies are sufficient to ensure smooth distribution and stable prices. Propaganda guidance continues to increase.

Use WeChat public account, video number, speaker broadcast, WeChat matrix and other channels to strengthen publicity and guidance, guide the masses to consciously implement prevention and control measures such as masks, two meters, hand -cleverness, diligent ventilation, disinfection and disinfecting Rumors, rumors, consciously cooperate with all members’ nucleic acid testing, and abide by various prevention and control policies. At the same time, the Internet Information Office and the Public Security Bureau increased the management of network and social order during the period of epidemic sealing and seriously handling illegal acts.

  In the next step, Guangping will continue to increase work, strengthen scientific research and judgment, and make every effort to investigate and control, detection, nucleic acid testing, disinfection and disinfecting, isolation point management, and living service guarantee.