Belry was elected as the Lebanese Speaker again

Xinhua News Agency, Berut, May 31 (Reporter Liu Zongya) The Lebanon National Assembly held the Speaker Election on the 31st, and Nabi Bayi, a senior Politician of Shiite, was elected as the Speaker again. There are 128 members of the Lebanon Parliament. In the speaker election on the day, 84 -year -old Belry received 65 votes support and won with a weak advantage. As the leader of the Shiites Arle Movement, Belry has been a speaker since 1992.

After the re -elected speaker, Belry called on parliamentarians to put aside differences and work for the interests of Lebanon countries and people.

On the 15th of this month, Lebanon held a parliamentary election. This is the first parliament election held after Lebanon’s 2019 economic crisis. In recent years, Lebanon has encountered a serious financial crisis and has fallen into a deep economic predicament. It is urgent to carry out major structural reforms in order to obtain billions of dollars from the International Monetary Fund.

According to the Lebanon faction decentralization system, the president, the prime minister, and the speaker are the Christian Malone, the Islamic Sunni, and the Shiites of Islam. (Responsible editor: Su Yanxiang, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.