Xia Jian hurriedly turned sideways,Carry pants with one hand,Take a copy with the other hand,His beautiful legs in stockings are in his hands。

“Stinking rogue!You let go”The beauty is a bit unstable,She yelled anxiously。 Xia Jian followed this beauty’s calf all the way up,My days!Does this leg grow from flesh??It’s just poured out with a mold,Evenly slender。 Beauty found Xia Jian’s evil,She struggled,The whole person is unstable,Fell down。This floor,If you fall down like this,Must have fallen a lot。 […]

IGSecond choice,Directly locked Tumm。

IGThird choice,Then, for Tumm, I lock my partner.:ember。 then,After determining the next combination,VGThird choice,Directly select Zhao Xin。 Hereed,BPOverdue。 VGFourth handban,Directly sent the knifebanPool。 IGThere is no trick in the middle.,banThe knife is undoubtedly one of the best choices.。 IGFourth handban,It is directbanRemnant。 VGLast oneban,Get the sword magicbanPool。 IGLast oneban,Feed RuzbanPool。 Hereed,banHuman,The final entry has entered […]

She gave me two hens,I said I will have eggs every day,I wanted to refuse,But she has run away,Ugh,In fact, the fat girl is pretty good,Just fatter。

Widow Zhang always stays at my house recently,Member Chen’s youngest daughter Rulan likes to stuff me money,Brother Li’s wife Qiaolian gave me a bowl of chicken soup,Er Ya, who came back from the mountain to collect medicine, gave me a ginseng,Old man Zhang from the bookstore said his daughter is sixteen this year…… Ugh,My damn […]

“This is a lot of effort for me,I just came here from the community property。”Wang Yi explained。

Guicai believes she has worked so hard,Call monitoring from the community property,As long as they are in the community,Want to retrieve surveillance video,It shouldn’t be that difficult。 “Six p.m,Zhou Rui went to our downstairs。”Wang Yi pointed at the figure on the phone。 Not bad,That person is indeed Wang Yi,and,Her clothes,It’s the tight fit last nightTShirt […]

After this sentence,Yao Yun’s face suddenly changed slightly。

our relationship。 What does it matter? Friendship or subordinate relationship? Is there a lover relationship with the substance?? Suddenly,Silence in the room。 I broke the embarrassing situation first,“President Yao,That is not what i mean,I。” Yao Yun shook his head hurriedly,“You don’t have to say anything,I know。” She understands? She doesn’t understand! I want to explain […]

Both Lei Xing Continent and Emperor City were later changed names,It used to be a territory controlled by the human race。

After ascending to the throne,Emperor Lei first canonized Qiao Huiru as the benevolent palace lord,This is a very meaningful ceremony,There is only one palace owner among Lei Tianzi’s wives,That’s Qiao Huiru, who will never leave,This most noble place was originally Liu Tang’s,But Liu Tang’s personality is a bit hotter,Born in a street gangster on earth,Not […]

Dao Ke Dao,Very authentic,Name,Very famous,nameless,The beginning of the world,famous,Mother of all things,What’s behind?

Why did i shout‘World Promise,Borrowing method’After that, there is no difference between heaven and earth?The sky is rolling,Where’s Xiaguang?? I seem to understand,Why didn’t the two seniors take the path of reviving Taoism?。 Please give me a plug-in,Not demanding,Don’t want anything‘Taoist Library’,Any one‘search engine’That’s it。 Thank you! …… 【Twenty-three years of Tianwu calendar,March 5th】 I […]

After Lei Tianzi learned the news,Immediately mobilize an army from Kowloon City in the ice and snow continent。

In view of what happened in the tomb of the king,Emperor Lei sent his wife Xu Na as the commander-in-chief,He is in a uniform,Said the heroic Xu Na:“In the future, it is likely to fight against creatures in the demon territory,Best practice now,Lest we increase our casualties in the future,I will not participate in the […]

Lei Xuan is the child who followed Lei Tianzi into the stars this time,Lei Tianzi’s other children are already dozens of years old,Before this expedition, I stayed at Chuan Gulang and Youjian Star Field。

Lei Xuan has been following his parents,She is more than 500 years old now,Cultivating to the realm of immortal gods,I’ll be a real fairy soon。 Standing beside Lei Tianzi and said:“father,The starry sky is so cold,We probably need to sail for a hundred years before we reach the next star field。” “Is that long?”Lei Tianzi […]

“Understandable。”Yan Ruyu has no way out at this time,Can only blindfold the black scarf。

“Yan Gongzi,I’ll hold you。”The little white fox ran over and took Yan Ruyu’s hand,The big black eyes blinked and blinked at Yan Ruyu。 Thirteen Little Treasure immediately became vigilant again。 And Yan Ruyu smiled and nodded,but,What surprised him was,After he bent over into the fox hole,But did not feel the hair and claws in the […]