The teenager stomped at the same time,After his body vacated, he quickly shuttled around the area where Dongfang Ruiqing was located.,His body is completely comprehended by himself,Can’t talk about martial arts and combat skills,Self-proclaimed system,Amazingly fast。

Although Dongfang Ruiqing’s figure is everywhere,But it’s difficult to accurately capture the position of the boy,But fortunately, the teenagers dare not attack easily,Just get close,He has to bear a heavy price,Severe injury to vomit blood,He lost his life。 and so,Dongfang Ruiqing is not in a hurry,Steady and steady,Forward slowly,Although the space in front of the […]

Just when Zhao Youcai is ready to give birth,The outside is suddenly sounded.。

Soon, it was blocked.。 Song Ting opened a moment in an instant。 How did she not think that the person being kidnapped is actually the apprentice of her father?。 Let her surprised a circle of people lying on the ground。 Obviously coma。 “Do not move,Hand up。” This time a police,Only Song Ting’s captain paid a […]

Summer,Rumble,狠 击 in her waist,Cold drink,“Give me break!”

At the moment,Surrounding air faint rooms in distortion,It seems to be wrapped in a layer of turbulence,Like a mountain peak collided on the woman。 Wow。 In the middle of the way,Women’s big mouth vomiting blood,She only feels blood in the body,Pentaded displacement,The whole body seems to be broken.。 run! This is the only thought of […]

“Oh,Means nothing。”Xianban is long and smile。

“See the Lord of the Temple of the Temple,See the elders,See the seniors!”Just at this time, Lin Feng gave a respectful gift.,His face is pale,Sweat,Both feet are shaking,The corner of the mouth is black.。 “Unusual!” The figure of the emperor walked up with the face.:“Lin Feng,Today, let you come for a thing。” “Palace,whats the matter?”Lin […]

In Wang Yufei’s opinion,This is his responsibility as a brother。

“I want to be a female knight!”Guo Xiaoyi said proudly。 This answer is somewhat beyond Wang Yufei’s expectation。 After all, Huaxia doesn’t seem to have this career。 And now send Guo Xiaoyi to Emei Mountain to practice martial arts,Seems to be late…… “Xiaoyi,What you are talking about is not the same as what your brother […]

87hand!A remember that it is uncomfortable to eat,Continue to fist!

Reduce sleep time in the morning15minute,Last one month 95hand!Continue to scroll to eat,Step by step to shoot black chess into a stupid! Night energy drop50,Last two months。 This When you continue to sway,Kohuan stopped attack,Look at this instructions。 This night is energetic,Is it a night that I understand?? Still, his night’s energy is mainly used […]

Lead of Huo Qizhong and Tan Zhuohui in familiarity,The bloody tooth ghost ride and the 12th Mountain Wangzhai covers the hippy,And the Three Dada and the blocked the team all the sacrifice,The devil army is to step on their bodies to continue to pursue。

At this time, I have woke up.,He is really angry,Know that it is a command that Fu Yingshi under the snow.:“On the occasion of the war, you actually dizzy my commander.!what do you think?” “sharp,sorry,This is the command of the head!”Fu Yingxue is still the first time I saw such a big fire.,But also,Ruusi is […]

but,I think that these are my own。

Hu Luo Tian’s eyes,It’s even more fever.。 Such a thing,In fact, it is already expected.。 See these,Hu Luo Tian at this time,It’s more directly。 “Since we have come,Don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.。” “Don’t want to die,Still running quickly!” When Hu Luo Tian’s words finished,at this time,Tiger tribe,All the tigers and sorrows and the people […]

Xia Jian hurriedly turned sideways,Carry pants with one hand,Take a copy with the other hand,His beautiful legs in stockings are in his hands。

“Stinking rogue!You let go”The beauty is a bit unstable,She yelled anxiously。 Xia Jian followed this beauty’s calf all the way up,My days!Does this leg grow from flesh??It’s just poured out with a mold,Evenly slender。 Beauty found Xia Jian’s evil,She struggled,The whole person is unstable,Fell down。This floor,If you fall down like this,Must have fallen a lot。 […]

IGSecond choice,Directly locked Tumm。

IGThird choice,Then, for Tumm, I lock my partner.:ember。 then,After determining the next combination,VGThird choice,Directly select Zhao Xin。 Hereed,BPOverdue。 VGFourth handban,Directly sent the knifebanPool。 IGThere is no trick in the middle.,banThe knife is undoubtedly one of the best choices.。 IGFourth handban,It is directbanRemnant。 VGLast oneban,Get the sword magicbanPool。 IGLast oneban,Feed RuzbanPool。 Hereed,banHuman,The final entry has entered […]