After Lei Tianzi learned the news,Immediately mobilize an army from Kowloon City in the ice and snow continent。

In view of what happened in the tomb of the king,Emperor Lei sent his wife Xu Na as the commander-in-chief,He is in a uniform,Said the heroic Xu Na:“In the future, it is likely to fight against creatures in the demon territory,Best practice now,Lest we increase our casualties in the future,I will not participate in the […]

Lei Xuan is the child who followed Lei Tianzi into the stars this time,Lei Tianzi’s other children are already dozens of years old,Before this expedition, I stayed at Chuan Gulang and Youjian Star Field。

Lei Xuan has been following his parents,She is more than 500 years old now,Cultivating to the realm of immortal gods,I’ll be a real fairy soon。 Standing beside Lei Tianzi and said:“father,The starry sky is so cold,We probably need to sail for a hundred years before we reach the next star field。” “Is that long?”Lei Tianzi […]

“Understandable。”Yan Ruyu has no way out at this time,Can only blindfold the black scarf。

“Yan Gongzi,I’ll hold you。”The little white fox ran over and took Yan Ruyu’s hand,The big black eyes blinked and blinked at Yan Ruyu。 Thirteen Little Treasure immediately became vigilant again。 And Yan Ruyu smiled and nodded,but,What surprised him was,After he bent over into the fox hole,But did not feel the hair and claws in the […]


Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six Wrestling Lei Tianzi threw out a virtual space,Said:“Everyone worked hard,I want to buy a batch of iron beasts,The price depends on you。” Several immortals are a little timid,Although the price depends on them,Seeing Liu Tang’s cultivation is unfathomable,I dare not take it seriously,Said:“Only ten million god crystals and an […]

Just because I didn’t listen to the words of Emperor Lei this time,He lost the last underpants,I must rely on begging for food in the future,No one will pity a total loser。

Tianzi Lei didn’t ask Si Nansui and the others how much money,for him,Money is really just a number,but,Xie Yuxian laughed like a pie in the sky,I bought a lot of clothes for Lei Tianzi naively。 She didn’t know,Tianzi Lei hasn’t bought clothes for a long time,The best armor has a feature,That is to be able […]

Liu Yifei’s Hua Mulan Thousands of Auditions

Liu Yifei’s “Hua Mulan” Thousands of Auditions If there is no epidemic, we already saw the live-action version of “Mulan” at the end of March.Democracy, the discussion about whether Liu Yifei is suitable for “Mulan” has been hotly searched, but in any case, this is after all a year of Disney’s careful decision after interviewing […]

Demon Stock Metamorphosis: Play More Receives Concern Letter Shenzhen Stock Exchange Names Committed to Downfall

“Demon Stock” Metamorphosis: “Play More” Receives Concern Letter Shenzhen Stock Exchange Names Committed to Downfall After the A-share index closed up the whole day before, on March 11, the two cities closed down again, and 2621 stocks fell.Under the haze of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the “crude oil price war”, the global stock […]

CBA-Beijing acquires Chongqing Aolong

CBA-Beijing acquires Chongqing Aolong In 2013, Beijing Holding Group had successfully acquired the CBA Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team, but because the local sports bureau did not agree to move the team’s home court from Taiyuan to Beijing, Beijing Enterprises later had to transfer the team to local Shanxi enterprises.Although this matter did not meet the […]

2014 National Women’s Volleyball Training List, Fujian Xu Yunli, Shen Jingsi was selected by Zhang Xian

2014 National Women’s Volleyball Training List, Fujian Xu Yunli, Shen Jingsi was selected by Zhang Xian Minnan News March 19 last year, we often see Xu Yunli, Shen Jingsi and Zhang Xian, three Fujianese, appearing simultaneously as the main players in the women’s volleyball national team game.But this year, this “scenery” is gone!Yesterday, the National […]

Three 20+ kings beat Knicks fatly and miss the Jazz to kill the Grizzlies _1

The three 20+ kings beat the Knicks fat and the Jazz burst the Grizzlies. On March 4th, Beijing time, the Kings defeated the Knicks away; the Jazz broke cold and beat the Grizzlies away.The following is an overview of the two games: Jazz Grizzlies King 124-Knicks King 86 (21-37) ended a two-game losing streak.The trio […]