Those who have joined early in the live broadcast,Looking at the speed of the number of people in Xuan brother,Suddenly dumb,I thought this kind of pumping is very large.,who knows,Sirring ten times from two hundred!

NS80Chapter 财气 气 Shen Xuan listened to the discussion,I also ran to see the quantity of the fan group.,Already two thousand to two thousand five hundred! Short a few minutes,More than 500 people,It’s too horrible! “Bros,You are too enthusiastic.!” Shen Xuan is also a bit helpless,His intention is a little benefit to the water friends.,Thinking […]

“Do you mean in Portuguese?”Sentong Mausolee 神 神:“What is the nuclear explosion in the stars?”

“You have a closed door,I don’t know at all.,I mean that the starry nuclear explosion is to block a person.。”Portuguese。 “Block a person back?impossible,I am afraid that the strong people in nine heavens will be killed.!”Southam Tomb。 “Do not,Do not,He masters a gonman,Can constrain it out。”Portuguese:“In this case,He can avoid being attacked,Dead escape has not […]

Ouyang Hong sitting in the back row is anxious,She coughed,said laughingly:“The police came with the Land and Resources Bureau,This has nothing to do with Secretary Long,You think too much“

Secretary Li of the town committee also quickly said:“Yes,Mayor Ouyang is right“ Everything is for this sake,He Xia Jian mixes again,I also know that the sky is huge。Secretary Long and the two sitting next to each other whispered and said:“It seems that the whistleblower said something different,We will deal with this when we go back,But […]

have“Doctoral”日 日,Master five properties Chakra’s nature changes,It is also an old age.,Chakra is not a young,Otherwise the strength is absolutely not ignored。

Wuyi combination,Power is terror,Wooden ninja receives the instructions after the next advance,So did not be affected。 Foot-footed a quarter of the Zhizhi wave size attack range,Horror element,Come towards the night。 “Ice Five Ice Tunnel!” Night, single-handed ground,As the ground shakes,Five huge cold thresholds appeared in front of night。 Five Luo Shengmen Winking Edition!Huge cold threshold […]

This severe pain makes him understand that he is not dreaming.。

He quickly chased the past.。 Mu Ziyi smiled before,This kind of retaliation is happy,Cool to him want to tell the world。 He also ran with the past。 “Blue。” Sudden,Blue Xin’s body,Excited sound,This sound is low,It seems to be deliberately suppressed some kind of feelings。 Blue Xinyi listened to this familiar voice,Slow back and look at […]

“It’s only half way to condense all my blood into golden blood,According to the Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill,Each drop of golden blood strength increases by 1% of the original,Once you have condensed three hundred drops of golden blood, you can break through to the third level of training.。I have now condensed a hundred drops of golden blood,Strength has doubled,Must work harder,Condense to 300 drops of golden blood before absorbing the true energy in the Chiba Fruit!”

“what,Something is wrong!” Chen Xiu suddenly thought:“Lao Mouzi said that the internal cultivation reaches the 9th-rank realm and the third-rank first-class,From a third-rate master to a second-rate master, we must understand the laws of heaven and earth,Otherwise, no matter how much true energy is accumulated, it will not be able to break through。 However, there […]

“no,Hong Ge,Have an embarrassment。”Cheetah suddenly took out this original stone from the quarry machine.,At the same time, he gently opened a stone layer that was going down.。

This stone has fallen.,Suddenly showed a blush。 “Chicken is red!”Hong Hai stares at this original stone:“What is strange?,what,Nor pure!” “no,Hong Ge,You look carefully!”Cheetah took the original stone to Honghai,Put the red ray to Honghai。 Honghai carefully stared at this red ray,His face gradually downs。 Because this wipe red ray is very special,Actually a red goldfish。 […]

In fact, play now,The ring will become unexpected.,In terms of their strength,The whole planet is a ring,The previous quarter is basically a mount.。

Earth is shaking,The sky is also a flash thunder.,Everything is like the scene of the end of the world.。 Saru in this state,More than just screaming Satan,Also through TV,I am scared that people around the world。 As for the martial arts that plans to play fish before,I have already rushed everything now.。 They witnessed,Only a […]

“I have returned him the beauty card,He promised never to make similar mistakes in the future。”Shi Meng whispered,“Give him a chance。”

“You are the head of the sales department,Do not ask me。”I said coldly。 This silly woman,Which day was really killed by Qian Daning’s grandson?,I will regret it! “I can’t go to work the first day,Fired the employee。”Shimeng’s attitude is very tough,“I want to invite the sales department to dinner,Please go!” She finished,Sat down in his […]

“Yes。”I replied。

“How do you think the sales department should expand the business next。”The old man asked。 really,These dog days are for me。 ———— Chapter Seventy Three You are very good “Expand overseas business。”I slowly said,“Increase cooperation with some large international trading companies,And actively advertise overseas,Enhance our visibility,on the other hand……。” I haven’t finished speaking yet,The damn […]